Ziddi Dil Maane Na 23rd March 2022 Written Update: Sanjana and Monami catch Balli.


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The episode starts with Bhatra assigning Faizi to lead the mission. Sanjana suggests Bhatra to include Monami in their mission. Faizi also says the same and Bhatra agrees. He asks the three of them to go and bring back Karan Shergill at any cost. He reminds them that the loss of a good commando is a very great loss for the nation. He says that he lost his best cadet Param Shergill in a mission and don’t want to lose Karan too. Param agree. They agree and leave. Faizi, Ustad, Sanjana and Monami keeps a watch over Balli. They find Charu present instead of Dhanu and gets confused. Balli gets alerted. Karan thinks that he has a deep urge to save the other person trapped with him. Tilli comes there with tea for Karan and Param. Param diverts Tilli’s attention and steals the keys from him. Faizi asks Sanjana to wait for his command and everyone agrees. Balli sends Chaddi to exchange the pen drive with money. Chaddi checks the money and signals Balli. Sanjana predicts that Charu decided to shoot Balli. Shooting starts from both the ends and Chaddi gets hurt. He urges Balli to leave with money. Balli escapes with difficulty. Charu asks her men to let it be as they now have the pen drive.

Sanjana and Monami follows Balli while Faizi and Ustad Charu. They miss Charu due to a procession. He says the same to Sanjana. Sanjana says thy Balli got the money and won’t return to the academy. She decides to catch him for them to catch the culprit. Sanjana and Monami trap Balli and take him in their custody. Karan pretends normal when terrorists checks Vinyard soon removes his locks. Tilli is eating his food when suddenly he finds his lock missing. Karan unlocks himself and hears the terrorists mention Param’s name. Tilli sees Karan escaped but then finds Karan still locked. Tilli thinks key is not with him else he would have escaped. Karan is thinking about the terrorists words. Karan wonders why they took Param’s name. He thinks what’s Param’s relationship with Dhanu and the person kept hostage.

Sanjana prepares to torture Balli. Balli watches scared. Monami asks him to say Where’s Karan if he wants to escape from the torture. Balli claims he’s Karan while Monami slaps him. She shows the ring and says she asked him to get the ring and its proven Karan is safe. Balli recalls Karan’s words. She mocks him whether he believed that she would get fooled just because he pretended to be Karan. She says she loves him and can identify him with closed eyes. Sanjana and Faizi threaten Balli to say Karan’s location. Balli claims that he doesn’t know his location. Sanjana takes cutter and scares him to cut his fingers. Balli shouts at her to stop and agrees to say about Karan’s location. He in return asks promise from them to not do anything to him if he says the place. Monami agrees but Sanjana stops Monami. She asks her not to promise but Monami’s preference is saving Karan. Sanjana agrees with her.

Precap : Balli will fool Sanjana and Faizi in the pretext of helping them. He will hold them at gun point.

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