Ziddi Dil Maane Na 23rd May 2022 Written Update: Koel gets custody notice.


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The episode starts with Dadi leaving the academy. Koel comes in front of her and Suman holds her for support. Dadi asks her to be happy as much as she want as she’ll not let her continue doing what she’s doing with her grandson. Suman gives it back and Dadi leaves. Faizi tries explaining but Koel says that she can understand him trying to help her in out but leaves saying that right now her concentration is only Nikhil. Suman is with Monami who texts Karan for having food. Light goes off and Karan asks Monami to meet him in private. Monami leaves without informing Suman. Karan hugs Sid thinking him to be Monami and Sid asks what’s wrong with him. Karan says that he thought he’s Faizi and Sid teases him. Everyone greets Sid back and welcomes him warmly. Sid teases Karan and Bala joins him.

Koel gets a registrar post and she gets shocked. Suman reads it to find it a custody notice of Nikhil by Abhay’s mother . Everyone supports Koel and stands by them when Param comes there. He asks them to concentrate on their daily drill as its Koel’s personal issue and asks them to leave before he punish them. Nikhil hears few prole speaking about Koel fighting for Nikhil’s custody as Nikhil don’t have a father. Nikhil asks Koel whether he would be sent to Dadi but Koel says she won’t let anything happen like that. Nikhil suggests her to marry Faizi so that they don’t face any difficulty in custody but Koel says that it’s not easy and he won’t understand.

Koel is present with Cadets Tat Judge’s office. Judge comes there and Koel and Monami meets with him. Judge says that her husband has record of abused case and there’s no way for her husband to get the custody. Koel gets happy. Dadi comes there with her Lawyer and her Lawyer keeps forward the argument that her the custody is not for Abhay but his mother and she has nothing to do the case. Judge agrees with his statement and will continue to proceed with the hearing. They come out and say whatever happened and everyone cheers up Koel.

Koel leaves and Faizi follows her. Sid notices their love bond and says it to Monami. Monami also says that she can strongly sense Faizi’s love for Koel. Everyone come back to academy and Param asks where are they. Faizi lies that they were there for field workout and Param agrees half hearted. Cadets keep watch on Koel supporters so that they won’t meet together and make plans for Koel. Sid and others manage to fool them and unite for a meeting. Sid screams for a dead rat and Monami warns him. Monami says that a strong lawyer is fighting for Abhay’s mother and Sid says already arranged a popular lawyer for her case. Karan applauds Sidharth mentioning his full name and Monami alerts him.

Precap : Sid will stop Monami from leaving all dressed up at night and will ask her about it. Monami will make some excuse. Sid will follow Monami who’s sneaking out.

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