Ziddi Dil Maane Na 24th March 2022 Written Update: Balli escapes showing them the route to find Karan.


Ziddi Dil Maane Na 24th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Balli saying that Dhanu has kept Karan in a safe place where no one could reach him. Monami warns Balli to not over smart. Monami recalls Karan’s words. They ask Balli about how he managed to learn about Karan and academy. Balli reveals that it was Anish who gave all the details about Karan and academy with video. Everyone gets furious upon hearing it while Monami gets heart broken. Monami recalls all the times when Karan warned her about Anish and regrets for not listening to him. She swears herself to never forgive Anish at any cost. On the other hand Charu says Anish that both Karan and Balli are out of Monami’s life and there is no one who would come in between him and Monami. Anish asks about Balli for which Charu says he ran away with money and there’s no way he would come back to the academy. Anish asks about Karan while Charu says she has other plans for him. Tilli comes to Karan.

Karan brainwashes Tilli to do good by coming to academy with him. Tilli says that the time is up and he can’t turn back now. He says that he too wanted to become a commando like him but failed to do so. He says it was them who threw him out. Karan says that if he is with good people then even after he left the world he would be known for his bravery. He gives example of his brother Param, Shergill. He asks him to say who is the other person locked up with him. He thinks and he strangles him to listen to him. Tilli struggles under his hold. He hits him.

Monami warns Balli to not fool them at any cost and asks him to never come in front of them after this. She says that he could be a doppelganger of Karan but he can never be Karan. Balli brings Faizi and others with him to a place. He waits for the right time to escape and they separate into teams. Monami and Faizi takes him with them. Balli catches Faizi’s gun and points it at him. He asks Monami to put down her gun and she does fearing for Faizi’s life. She insults him asking won’t he even minute shame for putting Karan’s life in danger. Sanjana couldn’t get them on line and understands something is wrong. Monami asks Balli to disappear forever and never come back. Balli says that he showed the right way to reach Karan that’s the most he could do and leaves hitting Faizi.

Precap : A bomb will be fixed in the door where Karan is kept while Monami will be coming towards him. Karan will be shout at her to not come near but Monami will not hear it.

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