Ziddi Dil Maane Na 29th November 2021 Written Update: Sid lied to Karan for permission to go out of the academy.


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The episode starts with Koel asking Mrs. Chopra to not say about getting London tickets to Abhay as she wanted to surprise him. She agrees. Koel turns around to find Abhay standing there. He gives her a neck piece as gift and compliments her. Koel thanks him. He leaves and Monami wants to go far away from him. Sid is suffering after effects of training and Bala takes care of him. Sid dreams of having a presidential suite booked with all comforts if it isn’t for the academy. Sanjana brings turmeric milk but Sid doesn’t like it. Sanjana leaves and Bala and others makes him have it. Sanjana watches it from outside and smiles.

Koel pretends like finding the necklace gifted by Abhay missing but in actual is searching for her passport. Abhay goes to get a delivery when Koel finds a locker and guesses the password. Karan is doubtful about everything perfect about Abhay. Faizi says Koel is tolerating everything for her child. Sanjana says that they need to involve Koel in their plan. Abhay comes there and Koel pretends to have found the necklace when Abhay gifts her a beautiful dress. Koel thanks him and leaves with the dress. Abhay wonders whether she’s really changed or she’s faking it. He leaves his mobile on bed. Karan decides to meet with Koel. Sid asks permission from Karan to meet his father who’s sick. He promises to be back the next day. Karan grants him permission. He asks permission to take Balaji with him too for help. Karan agrees but says he’s his responsibility. Sid agrees. He comes out and says Balaji that they got permission and they can sightsee Mumbai. He’s about to leave when Sanjana calls him and says that his father will be alright. She asks him to call her if needed. Sid keeps looking loving at Sanjana.

Koel gets ready and she finds the mobile on bed. Abhay is watching her from CCTV. She picks the mobile. Abhay gets angry and rushes to her. He pulls her hair when Koel says that he got call and she silenced the mobile. Abhay checks the mobile and finds that its true. He apologizes her. Karan and Sanjana are about to leave when Monami gives a mobile phone to them to give it to Koel as Abhay would’ve snatched hers. She gives milkshake given by Dilbar too. Karan asks her to accompany them too. Monami happily leaves to get ready. They all arrive at Abhay’s house to find Koel and Abhay left to meet with friends. Nikhil greets them happily while servant lied that Nikhil was not at home. Karan notices the CCTV cameras while Monami enquires about Koel to Nikhil. Nikhil says that everything is great. Sanjana asks servant to show her washroom and he leaves with her. Koel and Abhay meets their friends while her friends compliment their couple. Abhay leaves to get drink while Koel asks Mrs. Chopra about tickets. She asks her to hide it from Abhay as it’s a surprise. She agrees. Abhay comes there and asks what surprise.

Precap : Abhay and Koel will be dancing while Karan and Monami will be dancing along with them looking at them. Koel will try to escape with the tickets but she will bump with a waiter. The tickets will fall off from her purse and Abhay will notice the tickets.

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