Ziddi Dil Maane Na 30th March 2022 Written Update: Monami celebrates her birthday with friends


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The episode starts with Batra telling Monami to sit in the jeep. He warns Balli to go to academy only else he will not spare him. Balli assures that he won’t go anywhere else. He gets inside the jeep and tells her to wear the seat belt. Monami reminiscences memory of Karan and cries. Balli calls her and she goes inside the academy crying.

Monami misses him and gets heartbroken. Balli says he is badly trapped. The academy reminds her of Karan’s each and every memories. Her friends give her birthday surprise. Siddharth hugs her and wishes her happy birthday. Monami thinks Balli snatched everything from her. Siddharth calls Karan and tells him to join them in the party. Siddharth gives forhead kiss to Monami and says now noone can snatch Karan from her. Siddharth says what happened to Monami suddenly why she looks upset. Monami goes to Sanjana and says she can’t pretend to be happy with Balli. Sanjana gives her courage. Siddharth tells Monami to cut the cake and she misses Karan. She cuts the cake and Karan’s niece attends Monami’s birthday with her mother. She hugs Monami and wishes her.

Karan’s Bhabi asks Monami what happened to her. Karan’s niece talks to Karan and tell him to not worry. Balli gives confused reactions. Sanjana guards Monami from Balli. Monami gets lost in Karan’s thoughts and doesn’t cut the cake but Sanjana gives her strength. Monami is asked to feed the cake to Balli but she feeds it to Karan’s niece instead. Faizu tells Batra that he can’t consider Balli as Karan. It’s tough for Monami too. Batra says but they have to do it for nation’s sake. Balli asks Faizu to enjoy the party but he says Balli should not think he is Karan as he can’t match him in terms of love for the nation. Balli says everyone is mad here. Karan’s niece comes and asks why Karan is not playing with her. Monami diverts her mind and sends her away from Balli.

Balli says he is not interested in all these, they brought him here and he won’t tolerate his insult, he wants to leave. Monami shuts him up. He says they should keep Karan’s family away from him. Koel announces Monami and Karan’s names. She tells them to dance and Monami says not today. Siddharth forces her. Balli says he can’t dance and Monami recalls that Karan couldn’t dance too. Siddharth tells Monami to teach dance to Balli. Everyone cheers for them. Balli says her friend forced them else he was not ready to dance so Monami should not misunderstand him later. Balli keeps his hand on her waist. Monami misses Karan and says this is the worst thing ever happened to her that she has to tolerate Balli.

Episode ends

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