Ziddi Dil Maane Na 4th June 2022 Written Update: The show ends on a happy note.


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The episode starts with Sid comes to Sanjana’s room and asks about her packing her stuffs right after returning. Sanjana says that Bhatra Sir gave her the responsibility of new unit. She says she returned for two reasons one to attend Karan Sir’s function and the second and the most important reason is to apologise him.

She says that she should have listened to his part as its necessary for both of them to agree with all the points every time in a relationship. Sid says that he was wrong as he failed to understand that it’s her ancestral property and she has some emotions attached to it. He gives her flowers and Sanjana is about to leave but Sid says that Bhatra Sir has asked him to accompany her for the new unit. Sanjana and Sid patch up and hugs.

After some days,

New cadets gets recruited and Ustad introduces Monami as the head trainer for the cadets. She behaves strict with them and throws away the not interested ones. Karan comes there and Monami introduces him as Captain Karan Shergill and the head of the academy. She disperses the cadets and speaks with them.

Two cadets discuss about Karan and Monami and they gets punished by Monami too. Sid is fixing the board for Param SAF unit in Bundelkhand and Sanjana orders him. He falls down and Sanjana holds him. They both confess their love and tease each other. A thief tries stealing Bala’s purse but Bala catches him.

He asks Why’s he stealing and the thief says that he don’t have a job or money to survive. Bala asks him ti join Parakram SAF and his life will turn beautifully soon. He calls Chitra and says about him and Chitra also welcomes him. She also says the same and they take him with them. Suman is training karate to young girls and asks them to be serious in whatever they do. She announces leave for them as she’s going for leave for a place. She asks if Rajesh packed her things and he says yes.

Sid and Sanjana comes to Parakram SAF and gets nostalgic. Bala and Chitra comes there and greets them. Sid teases Bala for his formal attire and they wonder the reason for getting invited by Karan. Suman also comes there and greets all. Nikhil comes there and Sid asks where is his parents. He says they are on the way and Nikhil and Koel comes there.

Everyone asks about them and Nikhil says that he taught Koel to train and she’s now training the cadets while Koel is training him to do household chores. They all laugh. They all enters in and gets surprised seeing the arrangements. Barkha comes there and greets them all. They asks for Karan and Monami and both comes there as a couple.

Sid predicts something and asks Monami if it’s true and she says. Bala asks what’s it and Sid says that they got married. Everyone gets happy hearing it and congratulates them. Karan says they invited them to share the news and all gets emotional over their bond with SAF. Sid asks them to party and everyone starts dancing. Karan and Monami dances on a romantic song and Sid asks about Balli.

Bala says he runs an NGO for orphan kids and visits academy time to time. Nikhil and Baby are seeing Parakram academy shields and both wants ti John the academy once they grow up. Karan and Monami. The show ends as both Baby and Nikhil recite the Parakram slogan.

The end.

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