Ziddi Dil Maane Na 5th October 2021 Written Update: Sid’s letter saves Karan.


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The episode starts with Rawal asking Dilwar that who ordered to stop giving food and water for Sid Ganju during lockup. Dilwar says Karan. He’s about to say something more but Rawat manipulates him and takes statement on his favour. Sanjana thinks that if everything turns against Karan then he can never put on his uniform. Captain Bhatra says Karan that he needs to leave the academy until he’s proven innocent. He feels bad for the same but Karan says that it’s not his fault. He says that he failed him and made him answerable to everyone. Captain Bhatra says that he don’t judge agent’s based on their mistakes but based on their talent and he says that he’s his most efficient agent. Faizi thinks that he would definitely find the person who did this.

Karan investigates Suman followed by Bala. He intimidates them to say the truth. They all give statement against Karan so does the others followed. Sanjana gets frustrated. Faizi is checking each and every one’s rooms. Koel is giving her statement in favour of Karan in front of Sanjana. Rawal understands it and sends Sanjana out. He asks Koel whether she would like to change her statement as he can sense her intimidated by Sanjana. Koel thinks that she needs to send Karan out of the academy so that her secret wouldn’t get caught. She thinks that she can’t find a better safe place for her son. She wants to change the statement and blames Karan completely for Sid’s condition.

Koel comes back to her dorm only to find Faizi checking her things. She gets scared and asks if he’s doubting her. Faizi says it’s them who paid the price for trusting them and says it’s normal protocol. Koel touches her phone in pocket and silently moves away before getting noticed. Monami is the last one left to give statement. Rawal instigated an already upset Monami and she too accepts that Karan is the one responsible for Sid’s condition. Rawal gets happy that everyone is against Karan and that he can never get back to the academy. On the other hand, Karan stares leaving the academy when his fellow agent takes his bag himself. Karan finds Faizi searching in Monami’s room and asks what’s he doing. Faizi says that he’s just doing normal checking in order to find out the culprit. Karan asks what’s the use but Faizi says he wants to do it. Monami comes there and asks Faizi if he too thinks she’s the one who made the video. Faizi coldly replies that he don’t trust anyone anymore. Karan leaves the place. He is about go when he bumps with Rawal.

Rawal shows fake concern on Karan and says that everyone gave statement against him and shows it to him. Karan checks it out and says that it’s good as they will become better commandos the more they hate him. He’s about to leave when Bhatra comes there with a good news. He gives two letters by Sid. One is apology letter and another is confession letter by Sid saying that Karan is not responsible for his condition. Rawal gets furious at this as this single thing can put off all the investigations he did to rest. Bhatra says Karan that he don’t need to go anymore and asks Rawal to file it. Rawal agrees with fake happiness. He calls minister and says that Karan threatened Sid to write letter on his favour but Minister says all that doesn’t matter as the single letter is enough to shut the investigation. He asks Rawal if he has any personal vengeance against Karan and Rawal says that it’s not. Minister gives him 72 hours time to provide proof against Karan or come back and cuts the call. Rawal says that he will make sure Karan gets thrown out of the academy.

Precap : Faizi and Karan finds Faizi’s switched on and calls it. Monami is holding the phone

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