Ziddi Dil Maane Na 7th March 2022 Written Update: Monami promises Karan.


Ziddi Dil Maane Na 7th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Dhanu explaining the mission to Bhalli but he’s least interested. She scolds him. Karan asks the informer to speak for long so that they could track them. He calls Dhanu’s sister and says that he needs to meet them. He passes the word so that she cuts the call immediately as she found that informer is trapped. She says Dhanu about the same. Karan tracks the location. He says that they need to find her by tomorrow. Faizi reminds Karan that tomorrow it is Param’s death anniversary. Karan says tomorrow is the day when they would catch Dhanu. Dhanu says that no matter what happens they will definitely complete their mission the next day as its their last chance. Sid sneaks into Sanjana’s room and Sanjana tries attacking him. Sid reveals himself and flirts with her.

Sanjana asks him to understand that they are on a mission and it’s really important. She blurts out that it can cost Karan’s life. Sid asks whether she was saying Karan but Sanjana tries diverting the topic. Monami hears her and forces Sanjana to say the truth. Sanjana reveals that Dhanu is at the back of Karan’s life. Monami comes to Karan and confronts him about the risk for his life. Karan says that he doesn’t know whether its good or bad but she’s chosen the problematic one. He says that he don’t know whether he will return safe or not and says that she needs to ready to face anything. Monami takes him somewhere.

Monami lights fire and keeps Karan’s medal on her hand. She says that she wants to make some promises. She takes rounds around fire with Karan. She makes promises. On the other hand, Bhalli is excited about the mission, the money and Monami. He smirks. She promises to not bring their relationship in between his mission. Bhalli is also speaking in front of fire burning Karan and Monami’s picture. She promises to not let any person come between them. She promises to trust him 100%. She says that from today she asks him not to consider her his weakness but strength. She says her love and heart will always be with him. She says that she will be waiting for him till he returns while her love will be a shield to protect him. Karan hugs her while Bhalli looks smiling at Monami’s picture.

Karan says i love you to Monami. They gets closer. Bhalli asks Karan to enjoy how much ever he want as from the next day the money and his girlfriend both are his including his life. Next day, Faizi and Karan are fighting with Dhanu’s men and he asks one man Where’s Dhanu. Dhanu is pointing gun at Karan and shoots him. But it turns out to be Monami’s dream. She thinks that something wrong is going to happen with Karan and worries for him.

Precap : Dhanu will get ready for the mission. Karan will get call from Bhabhi to come soon as it’s time for pooja. Karan and Monami will be on their way to pooja while Dhanu’s sister will stop them on the way. She will pretend like she needs help and Karan will follow her.

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