Ziddi Dil Maane Na 9th September 2021 Written Update: Sid learns that Sanjana is the tattoo girl


Ziddi Dil Maane Na 9th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sid still searching for his tattoo girl. Sid feels comfort in Mrs. Bhatra’s care. He hugs her feeling her warmth. Monami drags Sid aside and scolds him for lying continuously. Mona says that she sorted out his problem and why he’s still there. He says about his tattoo girl. Mona asks him to understand that the training and academy is very important for her. She says she can’t fail. She says that she don’t want to come our as a loser in front of her father. Sid says sorry and promises that she would not have Anu problem because of him. Mona says problem has already started. She complaints about him landing in trouble every time. Sid promises to leave the academy the next day morning. Sid calls her enjoy the moment when Mona asks him what lie did he say. He says about the heart disease she mentioned. Mona gets frustrated. Sid calls everyone for attention. He dances with Monami first followed by Suman and hash tag girl.

Mrs. Bhatra cries seeing him and he wipes her tears. She blesses him. Koel notices the cardboard and Mr. Bhatra near it. She diverts his attention and slowly moves the cardboard with her son in it. Faizi comes there and calls her for party. Sid asks Mrs. Bhatra of everyone from the campus is present there and she says yes. Faizi dances with Koel. She leaves asking sorry. Karan teases him. Mona asks him to let it go if he can’t find the girl and asks him to leave. Karan pulls Monami who was dancing alone. They both have an eye lock. Karan looks around and Mona tries to leave but Karan pulls her back. He tries dancing with her looking at others moves. Mona looks at him surprised. He takes her aside and Mona and Karan’s friends witness it. Sanjana is on call with her father who’s scolding her. She cuts the call as she gets frustrated with his constant pestering. She wonders how to make him understand. Sid comes there and calls her. He thinks she can’t be Miss. Tattoo. He runs away. Karan brings Mona inside a room when he covers her with his coat. She gets confused with his behaviour. She says she’s not feeling hot but he still makes her wear. She asks him to say if he’s feeling sorry. Karan looks at her.

Sid gets scared of rat and gets in top of a railing. He’s scared of height and asks for Sanjana’s help. Sanjana taunts him and asks him to get down. Karan leaves smiling. Suman and hash tag girl comes there and says Monami that her dress knot is open. She understands the reason for Karan’s behaviour and looks admiring at him. She too smiles at him. Sanjana gives hand to Sid and assures that nothing will happen to him. He’s still scared and Sanjana is about to leave. He calls her back and she gives her hand. Sid notices the tattoo and understands that Sanjana is tattoo girl. He falls on her and they both have an eye lock. Sanjana slaps Sid thinking that he misbehaves with her. Sid cancels his plan to return back home. He apologizes Monami and gets excited.

Precap : Everyone gets shocked when Sid says he wants to join the academy. Karan says everyone has to pass a test before joining. He’s asked to box with Sanjana.

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