Ziddi Dil Maane Na Upcoming Story: Balli to get dressed up as Karan.


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Sab TV’s newly launched show Ziddi Dil Maane Na is currently dealing with Karan’s new mission involving Kanu. Earlier its seen that Balli returned to academy as Karan. Now it will be seen that Monami will be furious seeing Balli.

Previously we have seen that, Sanjana, Faizi, Ustad, Monami and Bhatra were mourning for Karan’s death and swore to get their revenge on their enemies. Koel found something odd with Sid’s behaviour. Balli was guilty for Karan’s death as he was equally responsible for it. Charu met with Balli and demanded him to get her the right pen drive as he gave her a fake one. She threatened to kill him if he doesn’t go back to the academy and get the right pen drive in the place of Karan as Karan was dead. She still was not aware about academy people identifying Balli.

Balli decided to take help from academy people to escape from Charu. He met with Bhatra and Faizi who was furious at him. Balli shared about Charu’s plan to them and Bhatra decided to use it for their mission. He shared it with Sanjana and Ustad too who agreed to him.

In the future episodes we will witness, Bhatra will hand over Karan’s uniform to Monami. Balli will come there dressed as Karan and Monami will get furious at him. She will act violent saying that he can’t become Karan just by wearing his clothes.

Will Balli return as Karan to academy? Is Karan really dead? Will Monami get her revenge?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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