Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 2nd December 2021 Written Update: Amrita saves Pritam from trouble


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The Episode begins with Amrita asking Pritam to make him wear the diaper. He does it as she asks him how does he know about Babies so much. He says there is nothing wrong in having knowledge and aaks her whether she is not getting late. He aaks her to feed as he leaves to throw it away.

Kabir aaks for tissue as he completes eating. He tells Muskana that he is leaving. He leaves from there and dashes with a lady. She asks him whether he is Kabir Shakuja. He asks her whether she knows him. She tells him that she knows him even if she didn’t meet him. She tells him that he is the one for her who will make her reach her destination. Kabir says he is leaving. The Boss introduces her Vishaka. She forwards her hand to him and he shakes hand with her.

Pritam asks Ansh whether he had his milk to which Amrita says he did. Pritam says that this is the best stage of Life where there is no tension to which Amrita agrees with him and says there is no pain as well. He says he wants to become a baby again. She says he is a baby but not so small. She gives the baby to him and she says she will drive the Jeap snatching keys from him.

She requests him to let her drive and he is not able to deny her hence she sits on the driving seat. He asks to watch from outside as she drive. She warns him to sit. He sits and she starts to drive the car. He admires her as she drives. She tells him that this is not good to stare at her soo much. He asks her as to why she didn’t tell him. She tells him that the Amrita before Marriage was different and now she is changed. Pritam says he heard a lot about that Amrita and he wants to meet her. He tells her that it is truly said that there is two faces to a person. He admires her as she drives the Jeap enjoying it to her fullest.

Vishaka apologises to Kabir and says it’s because he was about to leave but then she stopped him. She keeps her hand on his shoulder and he calls her mam to which she asks him to call her Vishaka. She says she doesn’t like such pleasentaries. He asks her why she is staring him like this. Vishaka tells him that she liked his project. She asks him about Meera. She asks why did he deny to shoot. Boss comes there and tells her that he fired him in anger. He talks about Amrita to which she remembers how she asked Pritam about her. She asks him her name. Boss asks to start the meeting.

She calls him by his name and he asks her who is Rajeev. She tells him that she will meet Amrita. Pritam advices his men about something. He looks at Ansh and smiles and she looks at him. She asks him not to stay quite. She tells him that silence is not acceptable for her in the car. He asks her why she stays in silence in the house. She tells him that Karan’s words echoes in her ears. She shares some memories with her. She gets a call and he lifts the call. She greets her Father and he gets shocked. He greets them. He tells her that he doesn’t know how rough she drives. He tells her how she snatched the keys. Her Mother warns him.

Amrita laughs as he cuts the call. He sees Police. She asks him whether he hid bomb in the Jeap. He wears the mask and the Police asks to check whether it’s Pritam Chaudhary. He asks to show him the Id and then asks to remove the mask. He is about to remove when Amrita says he has already shown him the Id then why to show the face. He says that this is their family and they have a baby with them. The Police asks her whether she is Karan Shakuja. The Screen Freezes.

Precap: Vishaka asks for Pritam Chaudhary. The Jeap stops in the middle to which Amrita says that it is damaged and they have to call the mechanic as soon as possible. The mechanic tells them that it will take time and asks them to stay at a near by hotel. Pritam shows the Id to which the receptionist calls him by Karan name. Amrita asks him what did he say and then asks Pritam to show his Id.

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