Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana Upcoming Story: Pritam and Yuvraj to have a talk about Amrita


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Star Plus’ daily soap Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana is gearing up for more drama with Yuvraj meeting Amrita.

In the current story it’s seen that Yuvraj meets Amrita and the Sakhujas. The latter questions Yuvraj about his professional life and personal life and learns that he is a widow and he is running his own business. Guneet thinks that Yuvraj is a nice guy while Nimmo looks unhappy. Amrita and Yuvraj have a talk with Amrita about moving on in life. Sakhujas praise Amrita ahd Yuvraj learns about her. Other hand Pritam and his friends investigate the drug dealer, Sandy and learns a man named UD, who is the biggest drug supplier and he’s from Ludhiana. Pritam decides to go there.

Kuljeet shares his worry with Saroj. Kuljeet says that Guneet must be hurt with Yuvraj meeting Amrita. Saroj consoles him saying that whatever they’re doing is for their daughter, Amrita’s happiness. Pritam comes back home buying rasmalai for the Sakhujas. Amrita asks her family to not eat it as Pritam misbehaved with her over phone. Nimmo asks what he did. Amrita narrates thr whole incident. Amrita says that Pritam brought rasmalai only to convince the family as she doesn’t like rasmalai. Pritam says that he brought jalebi and randi for her. Yuvraj says that Pritam and Amrita know each other better. Amrita says that Pritam is only their tenant. Pritam agrees with Amrita.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Yuvraj and Pritam will talk about Amrita. Pritam will praise Amrita. Pritam will say to Amrita to massage the baby using her palm instead of fingers. Kamali will say to Amrita to not listen to Pritam as he never raised any baby. Pritam will get sad hearing this.

Will Yuvraj like Amrita? How Amrita will react after Knowing Yuvaraj’s real motive behind meeting Amrita? Will she agree for second marriage?

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