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Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th September 2023 Written Update: Dua learns the truth


Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Dua recalling her beautiful memories with Haider and breaks into tears. She thinks that Haider shouldn’t break her trust. If he takes any decisions against her, then she will die. Meanwhile, Kaynaat calls Dua. She asks her if she is supporting Hafeez to marry someone else. Dua says that it’s not like that. Kaynaat says that she will die without him. Dua recalls Hameeda’s words. She thinks that she has planned it all. Kaynaat says to her that she is ready to do anything for him. She is ready to run away with him. She demands her not to listen to anyone. Hameeda snatches the phone from her. Meanwhile, Dadi returns home. She meets Peer Baba there. She asks him to come inside. Peer baba says to her that Hina made fun of him. She betrayed him. He narrates to her what happened inside. He says that Gazal is a monster. She is going to destroy this house. At least asks her to save Haider from her. Gazal was ready to go do anything to get what she wanted? He warns her and leaves.

Dadi says that Dua was right. She tried a lot to save them. Gazal is going to ruin their happiness. She says that Ruhan also sides with her. He tried to kill Dua for Gazal. She won’t forgive him for that. Later, Dua says to Hameeda that she isn’t doing the right thing. Hameeda asks her whatever they did to her daughter then? Dua asks her if she is going to treat Kaynaat the way Hina treated her? Then she has no difference to Hina. Hameeda says that she doesn’t like Hina. At least she tried to treat her well. She might teach them how to feel the pain when their daughter is treated wrong by their in-laws. Dua asks her not to punish Kaynaat for it. Dua asks her to return the phone to her. Hameeda locks Dua inside the room. She said that she will be locked inside this room until Hafeez finishes his work. Dua requests her not to ruin Hafeez and Kaynaat’s lives for her revenge. Hameeda says that it’s time to return to them what they have shown to Dua.

Kaynaat worries about Hafeez. Hafeez calls her. He gives her one last chance to get back with him. He tells her that they won’t meet again if she refuses to do it. Kaynaat assures him that she was ready to run away with Hafeez. Dua says to Hameeda that she shouldn’t take revenge on Kaynaat. Hameeda says that it’s time to punish them. Dua says that Kaynaat won’t run away with Hafeez. She cares for her family. Hameeda says that Kaynaat agreed to their plan. Dua asks Hafeez not to betray Kaynaat. Hafeez thinks that he is aware Dua is sad. But he can’t forget the way they treated her. Dua requests Hameeda not to cheat Kaynaat. She is also someone’s daughter. Hameeda recalls the way they treated Dua in that house. Everyone betrayed her. Hameeda thinks that everyone might be punished for betraying Dua. Dua thinks that she has to stop Kaynaat somehow. She breaks the glass. She tried to open the lock. She recalls the way Haider taught her how to open the lock. She uses that trick to open the door. Dua’s hand gets hurt and bleeds.

Hina thinks that she has to check on Kaynaat. She hears her footsteps sound. Hina feels relieved to see Kaynaat is studying in her room. She prays god to change her mind. Kaynaat calls Hafeez at that time. She says to him that she is ready to run away with him. He says that their love won. Dua came out of the room. Hafeez informs Hameeda that Kaynaat is ready to run away with him. Hameeda asks him to inform her once Kaynaat meets him. Then she will start to take revenge on Akhtar’s family. Dua shouts for help. Dua notices that the main door is also locked. Hameeda informs Hafeez that she locked Dua inside the room so she can’t talk with Kaynaat. Dua thinks that she can’t allow Hameda to play this dangerous game to take revenge on them.

Episode end

Pushpa Impossible 26th September 2023 Written Update: Devi Singh and Nayanthara presents excellent arguments in court.


Pushpa Impossible 26th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa and Mahendra watching out for Nayanthara. Ashwin makes his boss meet with his business rival which angers him. Ashwin makes them understand that their union can help them crack great deals. The business rival is ready to join hands with Ashwin’s Boss and asks him to answer after he’s done thinking about it. His boss angrily asks Ashwin about his plan who reminds him of his own words. Nayanthara starts the case by submitting the DNA test results which turned out to be positive proving that Ayushi is Golu’s real mother. She interrogates Mahendra about finding Golu. Mahendra tells that he found Golu at temple footsteps and looked around for anyone to whom he belonged. However he says that he couldn’t find anyone and Police didn’t believe him when he told that he’s not his kid. He reveals that he took the kid home but still came back to find if anyone came looking for the kid. However Nayanthara reframes it like Mahendra conveniently took the kid with him and didn’t file any complaint when there could be numerous possibilities like kidnapping, missing etc. She also accuses him for running away with Golu upon learning that Ayushi is his mother. She clears that his intentions was to never return Golu to his parents .

Viren forges the workers by getting sign from them in documents written in English in the name of increment. Pushpa is frustrated with the way Nayanthara frames Mahendra. Next Devi Singh starts the argument by calling Ayushi to the witness box. She questions her about how Golu ended up on the temple stairs. Ayushi tells that she was forced to leave him on the stairs as she was unmarried and didn’t have any financial support to provide the baby. She adds that she later realised her mistake and same back to find the baby but couldn’t find him. Devi Singh mocks her slow burn guilt kicking in believing that the baby would stay on the stairs until she comes. She then asks whether she filed any complaint in Police regarding the baby or made any public posters which Ayushi denied. She clearly proves that Ayushi never came back for Golu until she found him accidentally. She adds that it’s also because she couldn’t bear another child after him. However on the other hand, Mahendra being a single parent raised Goku with utmost care for a special child. Even in his death bed during kidney operation, he named all his properties on Golu proving legally that he’s his heir thus pricing Mahendra’s love for Golu .

Precap: Nayanthara compares Ayushi and Mahendra’s limitations in raising up Golu which breaks him. Mahendra says Pushpa that he would never forgive her if he loses Golu.

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 26th September 2023 Written Update: Malhar and Kavya’s plan works out!


Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 26th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kavya asking Mandip to go back home since Ravi is looking restless . Mandip and others agree with Mandip and decide to leave. Pratiksha feels dizzy and falls unconscious on Malhar’s arms. Ravi and others ring the calling bell. Since Pratiksha doesn’t open the door,  Kavya asks him to open the door with his extra key. He opens the door and sees Malhar and Pratiksha in a compromised position on the sofa. Ravi starts beating Malhar. Kavya asks Ravi to show his anger on Pratiksha and not him. 

Pratiksha lies on the sofa unconscious. Kavya tells that Pratiksha is the one who is wrong. Kinjal tries to defend Pratiksha when Manvi shows two glasses of drink lying on the table and says that Pratiskha must have been drinking with Malhar in their absence and having fun. Manvi and Kavya insults Pratiksha while Ravi asks Manvi and Kavya to shut up. Kavya raises questions on Pratiksha’s character so Hansa protests and asks Kavya to stop. 

Kinjal says that there must be something wrong and things are different than they are in reality. Hansa defends Pratiksha and says that if she insulted their family, she will see them. Kavya and Hansa engage in an argument. Ravi remains silent and listens to everything. Kavya tells that Pratiksha is very cunning and wants a husband in one hand and a lover in another. Manvi also taunts Hansa. She asks Hansa to wake up Pratiksha.  Kavya says that now she has understood everything and the truth is Malhar and Pratiksha are playing games with them. Manvi and Kavya say that she has both Ravi and Malhar in different posts. Ravi shouts at Kavya and asks her to speak with a little decency since she has spread negativity since she has come back.

 Kavya asks Malhar if he loves Pratiksha or not. Malhar says yes he does and Pratiksha also loves him. Malhar says that Pratiksha only called Malhar to come here since nobody was home. Hansa walks forward and slaps Malhar. Pratiksha regains consciousness and feels a heavy head. Mandip asks Pratiksha what was going on and what was she doing with Malhar. Kavya throws a glass full of water on Pratiksha’s face to bring her to consciousness. Kavya asks her to tell her love story. Pratiksha warns how dare Kavya talks to her like this. 

Manvi tells Pratiksha that she can’t make any more new stories now since everyone saw them. Pratiksha asks Malhar to tell everyone the truth that he came to take Pratiksha’s signatures on some papers. Malhar asks Pratiksha to tell everyone the truth about their affair. Episode ends. 

Recap: Malhar shows fake proofs to prove his and Pratiksha’s affair to teh entire family while Pratiksha says that he is lying and these are all fake. Ravi asks Pratiksha to prove her innocence. 

Agnisakshi 26th September 2023 Written Update: Rajnandini threatens to kill Utkarsh


Agnisakshi 26th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Jeevika asking Satvik how everyone in his family react to her truth? Satvik tells her that they love her a lot. Narayanan considers her as his own daughter. Jeevika says to him that she can’t leave him and this family again. Satvik asks her to stop this topic. He can’t imagine that she is leaving him again. It’s the decision of god that she is not able to become a mom. They are not able to change his decision. Let’s reveal the truth to everyone after the first arathi of Ganesh chaturthi. He assures her that he is with her. Later, Ganesh pooja begins. Everyone takes Arathi to Ganesh. Rajnandini thinks that they can smile as much as they want. It’s the last pooja they are going to celebrate together. She asks Narayanan to help her. She says to him that Jeevika has lost her memory. He gave the signing authority to Jeevika. She asks him to check it all and give his signature. Narayanan asks Shlok to arrange the car. He will correct it. Rajnandini thinks that she successfully sent him there. She had to send Satvik too. Later, Rajnandini pretends to talk with someone over the phone in anger. Satvik asks her what’s the problem? She manages to lie with him. She asks him to go to Bangalore immediately. Satvik assures her that he can manage it well. Rajnandini thinks that she has to kick Jeevika out of this house before he returns home.

Utkarsh asks Jeevika what is bothering her? If he worries about Satvik. She says that she isn’t getting a good vibe. She feels like something is going to happen wrongly. Utkarsh consoles her. He thinks that he can’t break her trust in Rajnandini. She is here to destroy this family. Later, Rajnandini asks Juhi to bring the jewels. Latha says that she stole the gold coins. She may steal the jewels from Jeevika’s room too. Rajnandini asks her to take it from her room then. Latha leaves from there. Juhi says to her that she has no idea what’s going on in her mind. She planned to send them out to kick Jeevika out of the house forever. Rajnandini meets Utkarsh. He is scared of meeting her. Rajnandini pretends to be talking nice with him. She said that she wasn’t the reason for his state. He misunderstood her. He is still alive. Rajnandini says to him that if he kept quiet then he would be alive. If he dared to reveal the truth to anyone, then he could imagine what she is able to do.

Rajnandini warns Utkarsh to hide the truth from everyone and leaves. Latha notices Jeevika’s report. Rajnandini recalls the way she intentionally placed the report on the table to get Latha’s attention. She thinks that Latha will kick Jeevika out of the house after she checks this report. Meanwhile, Juhi sneaks into Shlok’s room. She notices his phone and checks it. She is shocked to find Swara’s call and messages on his phone. He asks her why she is holding his phone? Juhi asks him why he is talking with Swara often? Shlok asks him who she is to ask him? Juhi tells him that Swara isn’t a good person. He demands her to leave before he raises his hand on her. Juhi collides with Jeevika. She asks her why she is crying? She tries to comfort her. Juhi tells her that she is not nice to her but she cares for her. Jeevika tells her that life is very short. She motivates Juhi.

Meanwhile, Rajnandini notices Latha is lost in her thoughts. She asks her if she is reading Jeevika’s medical report. Jeevika had not been able to conceive. It’s the reports of her before the wedding. Jeevika hides it from them. She betrayed everyone.

Episode end

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 27th September 2023 Written Update: Damini fires Rameshwar from the job


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 27th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Damini asks Mohan that if he is searching Kadambari’s medicines. Mohan tells her that his doubt was right. He says that he did not get medicines because of Damini and Mandira. She tells him that she is not with him but she is keeping an eye on him because she love him so much. She says that Mohan can’t take the medicines from there. He tells her that no one can stop him. He takes the bottle from Damini and moves from there. She stops him and informs him that he has an empty bottle. She reveals that she has the medicines bottle.

She says that she will put the medicines in alcohol glass if he moved then. She reminds him that these medicines are not available in the market. He asks her that why she is taking revenge on Kadambari when her enmity is with him. She tells him that the people who supports Radha are her enemies. She asks him to go on his knees and apologize to her if he want medicines then. Bhushan tells Mohan that today they will show Mohan’s place to him. He orders him to apologize to Damini.

Doctor tells Trivedis that bleeding won’t stop if they don’t give medicine to Kadambari then. Damini asks Mohan to do it fast. Mohan tells her that he can even die to save Kadambari’s life so her demand is small thing. He goes on his knees.

Radha wonders that where is Mohan. She asks God to send Mohan fast. Mohan comes there with medicines. Kadambari consumes the medicine. Doctor says that now bleeding will stop. He asks them to call him if they need anything then and leaves from there.

Radha tells Mohan that he did nothing wrong by stealing the medicines. Mohan thinks that he did not steal the medicines. He recalls that how Damini stopped him. Damini tells Mohan that his place is in her heart. She hugs him and gives medicines to him. He thanks her. She back hugs him and places a kiss on his shoulder. He pushes her lightly. She tells him that he has to pay for the medicines.

She asks him to work as her assistant. He thinks that this is the best chance to get everything from Damini. He accepts her offer. She gives salary in advance. She tells him that she know he need this money badly. He accepts the money. He asks her that if she is behind Rahul and Kadambari’s attack. She lies to him that she did nothing. He thinks that he won’t believe her and he will get close to her to get everything from her.

Rameshwar informs Radha that he lost his job. Meanwhile, Kaveri scolds Damini for giving job to Mohan. Damini tells Kaveri that Mohan can get job easily. She says that this is beginning of Radha and Mohan love story’s end.

Episode ends.

Junooniyatt 26th September 2023 Written Update: Mahi frames Ilahi


Junooniyatt 26th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Ilahi complaining to Jordan that, because of him, Jahan was in this state. If he hadn’t fought with terrorists. He wouldn’t have shot at her. Jahan risked his life to save her. Ilahi says that he isn’t thinking about anyone else than him. Because of him, Jahan is in this state today. He is a monster. She asks him to leave from there. Mahi slaps Ilahi in anger. She asks her how dare she to blame Jordan for it? Who she is to accuse her son and demand him to leave here. Mahi comforts Jordan. Jordan is staring at Ilahi emotionally. The nurse informs the doctor that Jahan’s pulse is dropping. Mahi says to Ilahi that she was the reason for everything. If she wasn’t there, then he wouldn’t have been in this state. If she hadn’t entered their lives, then they wouldn’t have faced this situation. Amardeep lashes out at Mahi for badmouthing to his daughter. Ilahi tries to talk with Dolly. She says that she betrayed her and Jahan is fighting for his life because of her. She hates her. Amardeep tries to take her from there but Ilahi denies it. The doctor says to them that Jahan’s condition is critical. Ilahi refuses to go with Amardeep. He says to her that no one cares for her here. She says that she won’t leave until Jahan gets well. He swears at him and takes Ilahi from there forcefully. Jordan stares at her emotionally.

Later, Ilahi prays for Jahan in the temple. She recalls her moments with Jahan. She gets emotional recalling their beautiful moments together. She says to god that she will lose faith in the God in her if something happens to Jahan. Jahan’s treatment is going on. Jordan is drinking alcohol. He recalls Ilahi’s hate for him. He imagines Ilahi mentioning him as a murderer and shows her hate for him. He gets agitated. Jordan breaks the bottle in anger. Ilahi prays for Jahan. Amardeep says to Husna that happiness isn’t written on her destiny. Husna says that she loves Jahan a lot but she is not ready to accept it. Indrajit visits Jordan. Jordan hugs him and cries. He says that everyone loves Jahan but not him. He doesn’t deserve anyone’s love because he is bad. Indrajit says that he loves him. Jordan shares his grief with him. He says that he loved Ilahi. But when the terrorist shoots her, he is too shocked to react. But Jahan didn’t think about anything and came in front of her. He got shot. He is not able to think like him. Jordan asks him to take care of Jahan. He needs his support .

Mahi said to Dolly that she hadn’t eaten anything since morning. She asks her to eat something. Nothing will happen to Jahan. She provoked her against Ilahi. She tells her that Ilahi is a bad omen to their family. She married Jordan after Jahan left her. She thought that she had a rich family. But when Jahan came back she wanted to go back with him. She used Jordan well and is trying to give him divorce now. Mahi says that she doesn’t know what magic she did to Jahan. He was even ready to sacrifice his life for him. Ilahi is playing with their children’s lives. We shouldn’t allow her to play with them again. Mahi says that Ilahi is giving divorce to Jordan. Because she wants to come back to Jahan’s life. She wants to destroy their family. She asks Dolly to save Jahan from her. Dolly walks away from there. Mahi thinks that she has to keep Ilahi far from them. Dolly worries about Dolly. Later, Amardeep touches Ilahi’s shoulder. Ilahi said to him that she wanted to meet Jahan. She won’t be at peace until she hears about Jahan. He got shot to save her. She can’t leave him like that. Ilahi returns to the hospital. She talks with Jahan. She notices that his pulse is dropping. The doctor comes there and gives emergency treatment to him. The doctor says that he is no more. Ilahi shouts in fear.

Episode end

Precap; Jordan makes a wrong move.

Katha Ankahee 26th September 2023 Written Update: Yuvraj’s behaviour confuses Viaan


Katha Ankahee 26th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Viaan calls Katha and asks the latter whether they can sideline Pandit Ji also suggests to have wedding vows double the time for next life too. Katha teases him. Viaan and Katha have a conversation about their future. Viaan requests Katha to share her selfie in her bridal attire but Katha refuses asking him to meet her in the mandap. Aarav arrives there and have a conversation with Viaan on the call. Viaan gears up to meet Katha.

There, Yuvraj shouts at Reet for her allegations against both Katha and Viaan. He refuses to believe her words. Reet pleads him to believe her. Yuvraj warns Reet if the latter fails to prove her allegations against Katha and Viaan then there won’t be any relationship between them. Reet gets shocked but swears on Yuhaan. She then says to Yuvraj she has a proof and shows the CCTV footage of Katha and Viaan’s chat with each other also the footage. She then manipulates Yuvraj saying that they refuses to help Katha when she request to help them for Aarav’s treatment so as a mother she understands that Katha had no other option but to accept Viaan’s offer. She then blames Viaan saying that she feels Viaan must be blackmailing her. Yuvraj gets furious. Reet hides her happiness.

Aarav meets Katha and tells her that he wanted to be both her and Viaan’s best man. Katha allows him to be her best man. Aarav gets happy. Meanwhile, Yuvraj cries his heart out looking at Aditya’s photo frame. He recalls Katha’s plea for Aarav’s treatment money to them and Katha saves him from going in a wrong path leaving his family behind then Yuvraj convinces Kailash to accept Katha-Viaan’s relationship. Meanwhile, Viaan and his family arrives at the wedding venue. Kavita welcomes Viaan. Maya takes Reet aside and inquires whether Yuvraj will call off Katha-Viaan’s wedding or not? Reet assures that Yuvraj will definitely call off the wedding. Kavita arrives and takes Reet with her to find Yuvraj.

Kavita finds Yuvraj in a crying state. She advises him to keep his emotions aside and focus on his responsibility then leaves. Reet comes to Yuvraj and asks him to forget the past where they failed to help Katha and focuses in the present and fulfil his responsibility of saving Katha from someone like Viaan who she calls as a monster. Yuvraj looks on with determination.

Yuvraj finds Katha happy so he gets confused. He then goes to fulfill his duties as Katha’s brother. Ehsan teases Viaan about the latter’s reaction of wanting to meet Katha right away which makes everyone laugh. Yuvraj arrives there and Viaan hugs him but the former makes up an excuse then interacts with others. Viaan gets confused by Yuvraj’s behaviour. Kavita urges Yuvraj to bring Katha to the mandap. Aarav gets excited to witness Katha’s grand entry.

Yuvraj brings Katha to the mandap. Kailash arrives there and handovers Katha’s hand to Viaan. Ehsan announces that Katha and Viaan are officially becoming a life partner. Later, before the ritual begins Ehsan gives a speech about Katha-Viaan’s love story and calls it an inspiration for everyone. Yuvraj looks annoyed. He also refuses to give speech and goes inside when Kailash suggests him to do it. Kavita and Kailash gets confused.

Precap: Katha and Viaan take pheras around the holy fire. Reet urges Yuvraj to call off the wedding of Katha and Viaan. Yuvraj unties Katha-Viaan’s gadhbandhan which shocks both Katha and Viaan while Teji, Maya and Farah looks happy.

Dhruv Tara 26th September 2023 Written Update: Saraswati blesses Nayak and Tara for their wedding


Dhruv Tara 26th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Saraswati asking Tilotama why the latter is not happy for Tara. Mahaveer asks her how can they be happy when they know Nayak is not right for Tara though he made Samrat lose. Saraswati says she knows Nayak is not perfect but the way he assured her that he won’t let himself and Samrat win but only Tara will win at last, it proves he is not bad choice for Tara. Dhruv didn’t even arrive to stop the swayamvar so it’s high time she should forget him and choose to marry Nayak and her blessings are with them. Saraswati further warns Samrat not to come near Vallavgarh again after this loss. Else they will kill him on the spot.

Saraswati announces Tara and Nayak’s marriage. Tara makes him wear the garland and accepts him her fiance happily. Mahaveer hesitates to bless her for her future life. As he doesn’t think she will be happy with Nayak. But he is confused whether he should bless her or not. Tilotama breaks a stuff in anger and says how can Samrat lose in the Malyudh. Mahaveer comes and says he never saw her so angry. She gives an excuse that she can’t do anything for Tara despite knowing Nayak is not right for her. So she is upset. Mahaveer also agrees with her. Tara goes to meet Dhruv being delighted. She hugs him and she recalls how Ranchod told her that he is happy as Dhruv and Tara are going to get united. She showers flowers upon Dhruv to congratulate him and also thanks him for being there always to support her that too when she didn’t trust him. She thanks him for everything he did for her and for being a true lover. She says they will never get separated again. She says now she wants to mock Samrat for his loss as the latter troubled them a lot and finally it’s her turn to see his helplessness. Raj Vaidya gets confused thinking how to treat Samrat’s wound as he looks dislocated. Tara comes and Raj Vaidya asks her to do something. Tara says she feels sorry how Samrat got defeated by a blind person and everyone is laughing at him right now. She adds he earlier accused her of touching him and fixed their wedding. Now if she touches him for treatment then again he will make it an issue. Raj Vaidya requests her to treat him and then she gives Samrat more pain to know about the secret traitor of their state. Tilotama comes and sees Tara torturing Samrat. She comes forward with a knife angrily and Samrat gets shocked. He signals her not come close but Tara stops Tilotama from attacking.

Precap- Ranchod tells Dhruv to kill himself and he can only get united with Tara being Nayak not by being Dhruv.

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 26th September 2023 Written Update: Reyansh changes Aradhana’s letter


Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 26th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kimaya and Aradhana both looks at Jai and Reyansh. Kimaya commands he is a good guy and Aradhana also agrees with her. They both then says that they don’t want a red flag guys and laughs. Reyansh and Jai looks at Aradhana and they shares their opinion about her. Vikram taunts Reyansh for leaving him for Jai in a joking way. Jai teases him. Vikram leaves pretends to be upset. Reyansh says to Jai that he wants to have a conversation with the latter like old times. Jai agrees to have a conversation with Reyansh. Meanwhile, Viren and Jai’s father have a conversation about their business also competing against each other isn’t a right thing to do especially when they are friends.

Later, the anchor announces that Jai is a winner which upsets Viren. Jai decide to partners with Viren’s company to start a new venture. Viren gets happy. Jai advises Reyansh to focus on his love life. Reyansh agrees then suspects Jai must have feelings for someone whom he met in the expo. Jai says he may catch feelings for someone in the future. Reyansh goes to Aradhana and says to her arrogantly that no one can able to separate his and Jai from each other. Aradhana mocks Reyansh then leaves.

Aradhana wonders where her letter must be. She also blames Reyansh for everything. Reyansh comes to Aradhana and the latter scolds also blames him for her sufferings. Kiki suggests Jai, Reyansh and Aradhana to have a conversation about their exes. Aradhana indirectly mocks Reyansh’s inability to love her. Reyansh indirectly points out Aradhana for her lack of trust issues. Jai and the Khanna sister’s gets confused hearing their statement. Mrs.Tiwari mocks Kimaya so she goes to the balcony alone.

Later, Aradhana gets tensed seeing Viren handing over her letter to Malini. Malini decides to read the letter but Viren asks her to do it later. Reyansh arrives there. Aradhana shares her fear with him also again blames him for everything that’s happening around her. Meanwhile, Malini gets worried not finding Kimaya so she alerts everyone including Reyansh and Aradhana. All of them searches for Kimaya.

Reyansh finds Kimaya in the balcony and advises her not to scare everyone also lifts up her mood. Kiki gets shocked realising Kimaya’s growing feelings for Reyansh so she decides to sacrifice her crush for Reyansh. Aradhana and Malini expresses their worries for Kimaya but the latter assures them she is fine also gives credit to Reyansh for her being strong. Aradhana becomes speechless.

Koko gets emotional by Kiki’s sacrifice for Kimaya. Kiki says she will focus on Jai hereafter. Koko jokingly warns Kiki about her decision to find a new boyfriend frequently as soon as her previous relationship ends. They both shares a laugh. Later, Malini decides to read the letter which tenses Aradhana. Viren requests Malini to let him read. Aradhana scolds Reyansh. She then gets surprised hearing Viren’s words from the letter which is written from Kimaya. After some time Kimaya thanks Reyansh for his help. Aradhana comes to Reyansh who returns her letter to her.

Precap: Malini encourages Kimaya to fall in love again. Reyansh and Aradhana gets into an argument during meeting. Aradhana refuses to accept Reyansh as her boss. Reyansh gets furious.

Kavya 26th September 2023 Written Update: Shubh breaks his engagement with Kavya!


Kavya 26th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Shubh is upset. Kavya comes to talk to him and convince him. Shubh says it’s easy for you to give me lecture but let me tell you it was my last chance, now I can never become IAS, it’s easy for you to say as you got selected. Kavya says how can you think like this, I am equally concerned about you, we dreamt of becoming IAS together. Shubh says but that’s not happening. Kavya says I am with you no matter what. Shubh says can you give up your seat for me? What will you choose if I ask you to choose between me and becoming IAS. Kavya is shocked. Kavya says what are you saying. Shubh says why is it so difficult for you? You only said you can do anything for me so here is the chance. Kavya says would you have done the same and choosen me if the situation would have been other way around? Shubh says I can walk with you on equal grounds but not behind you so I won’t have done it.

Kavya says then why you didn’t clear this thing that our relationship will work only when you get pass or if I leave my opportunity as an IAS? Shubh says I didn’t think that I will fail. Kavya says but you did in past so many years. Shubh says but this time it was different, I knew that I can pass. Shubh says I have left the choice with you either save your dream to become IAS or else save our relationship. Shubh goes. Kavya is shocked and cries. Kavya’s engagement ring falls and she picks it up. Kavya thinks of the days when she and Shubh got trained and coached and she expressed her feelings for Shubh in the form of essay. Flashback ends. Kavya cries then she wipes her tears and goes back. Shubh’s father says today is your day don’t think about anything else, I knew that you can do it. They all celebrate. Later, everyone dances and celebrates. Kavya also feels happy. Kavya’s brother gets to know what Shubh asked Kavya to do.

Shubh is watching the terrace when his mother tells that Kavya is just lucky to get selected. His father says that she’s capable which is why she got selected but his mother badmouths her. She tries consoling Shubh who leaves lashing out at her angrily. As his mother continues to whine Shubh’s father asks her to get ready to leave. On the other hand, Kavya’s parents were overwhelmed with her success. Her father even feels guilty for burdening her with responsibility but Kavya asks him not to think so. Her brother comes there and breaks the news that Shubh demanded Kavya to choose between him and her dream shocking her father. She scolds him for blurting out and tried to make excuse that he’s just upset but all know that it’s not.

Shubh comes to meet Kavya where she shows him all the picture of their happy life they dreamt together. She says that everything is still the same except the angle changed a little bit. She says that he’s also a software engineer and they can continue their relationship through frequent visits and video calls during the training period. She goes on her knees to convince him but Shubh says that it can’t happen. Kavya asks why and Shubh gives example of his parents. He says his father is an IAS and his mother was always identified by his father’s name. He says he doesn’t want to be identified by her name. He wants to walk with her and not behind her. Shubh walks away while Kavya gets shattered.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shubh’s dad asks Kavya to give him fees for his teaching and leave her seat. Kavya is defamed publicly.

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