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Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th April 2024 Written Update: Ibadat reassures Subhan

Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th April 2024 Written Update: 13th April 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Gulnaaz pretending to scold Nigar for confusing Mannat. She complaints that Mannat had breakup. They are not understanding her pain and busy in fixing her wedding with Subhan. She is also congratulating her without noticing her pain. Gulnaaz says that Mannat is a innocent person. She fell into his trap it’s not her mistake. They might give time to her to come out of this pain. They shouldn’t force her to marry Subhan. Mannat gets emotional hearing it. Gulnaaz says that it’s hard to forget their first love. Nigar says that Farhaan is a bad person. Gulnaaz says that she can understand that. But Mannat isn’t aware of it. If Mannat knows about his intentions then she wouldn’t have allowed him to come near her. She isn’t wrong here. She can understand that Subhan is a good person. But they shouldn’t force her to marry him. She doesn’t know why is Ibadat trying to fix Mannat’s wedding with Subhan. What will she get from this. It seems she will get something from this. Mannat asks them to stop it. She takes the flower vase and breaks it in anger. She demands them to leave from there. Gulnaaz and Nigar gives a hifi. She calls Armaan.

Mannat thinks why is Ibadat trying to fix her wedding with Subhan. She don’t love him at all. Meanwhile, Armaan attends the call. Armaan informs her that he came out. Gulnaaz complaints that they will accompany him to the road. He asks her what’s she meant? Gulnaaz says that Subhan is adamant to marry Mannat. If he married her then this house belongs to them. We have to go out of this house. Armaan says that she don’t need to worry about it. He already planned something else. He notices Farhaan. He breaks his head with a bottle. He says to him that it will help them in their plan. Later, Mannat is thinking about the incident. She thinks why did Farhaan betrayed her. She gets emotional. Hameeda comes there. She asks her to leave her alone. Hameeda denied it. He says that she can understand her pain. She regretted her mistake. Mannat hugs her.

Hameeda says that she did a mistake not a sin. She realised it that’s enough. Mannat apologizing to her for ruined everything. Hameeda says that nothing is over yet. She is a lucky person that is why she got a sister like Ibadat and husband like Subhan. Mannat gets disappointed. Hameeda says that Ibadat tried a lot to convince Subhan. Farhaan took advantage of her. Subhan wanted to save her reputation by giving a new life to her. Mannat says that she can’t marry him. She isn’t loving him. Hameeda says that first love won’t last long. The love after marriage stays long. In their time, they used to marry first and falls in love with their husband slowly. It’s an understanding bond. It will give lots of happiness. She advises her not to waste her life thinking about Farhaan. He isn’t worry for her. He is not only ruined her life but also ruin this family. She adds that Subhan isn’t forcing her to marry him. He is giving a last chance to her. If she fails to accept him then she can’t get him again. She advised her not to waste Ibadat’s effort. Mannat thinks that Ibadat pushed her in this situation.

Ibadat thinks that she got mom’s love. If Subhan married to Mannat then her life will be settled down. She has to help her mom in the business. Kaynaat complaints that she ruined her son’s life. She raised her hand to slap her. Ibadat stops her and says that she won’t allow her to slap her when she wasn’t wrong. Kaynaat lashes out at her for confused Subhan. She made him against his mom. She insulted her. Subhan comes there and argued with her. She asks him to stay away from this sister’s. She can’t allow him to marry Mannat. Subhan consoles Ibadat. She assures him that Mannat will accept his love. Her dhuppatta sticks on his watch. He helps her to remove it.

Episode end

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 14th April 2024 Written Update: Ketki and Ajeet meets Radhika

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 14th April 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Dadi asks Lord Krishna that whether Radhika end up in trouble by marrying Yug. She asks him to give signal so she could save Radhika. Mohan comes there and asks Lord Krishna that what’s happening in his life. He says that he is trying to manage family and business but he failed. And says that he is missing Radha so much. He tells Lord Krishna that the latter saw what Gungun did today and says he is not able to handle Gungun without Radha. He adds that old Gungun is missing because Radha left them. He requests Lord Krishna to bring Radha in his life for Gungun’s sake.

On the other hand, Radhika reaches Manan’s school. She murmurs that Manan would have scored well like always but she is scared about his English score. Ketki and Ajeet also comes there. Ajeet tells Ketki that teacher will give lecture to them because of Sargam’s score. Ketki tells him that she is scared. They goes inside.

Yug says that he is not understanding what he should do because Dadi will go to Radhika for sure. He thinks that Radhika told him to seek Lord Krishna’s help when he is in confusion. He decides to go to Lord Krishna temple. He calls Dadi. But Dadi disconnects Yug’s call. She asks Lord Krishna to save Radhika from Yug and past.

Radhika appreciates Manan for scoring well. Sargam comes there and tells Manan that she passed all the subjects. Manan tells her that he got A+ in all the subjects except English. Radhika asks Sargam that why the latter looks sad. Sargam tells Radhika that she got C. Radhika tells Sargam that she is sure the latter scored better than last time. She appreciates Sargam and calls her as Salgam. Sargam tells Radhika that the latter is like her uncle.

Ketki tells Ajeet that they should convince Mohan to teach Sargam. She says that Mohan always came first so she is sure Sargam will come first too. Radhika asks Sargam about the latter’s parents. She turns around and gets shocked seeing Ketki and Ajeet. Sargam and Manan runs from there. Ajeet gets happy seeing Radha. He asks her where she went. He tells her that she is changed and hugs her. He cries. Ketki drags Ajeet. Ajeet tells Ketki that they found Radha. Radhika tells them that she is Radhika and Radha died many years back.

In the temple, Mohan sees Dadi and calls her. Dadi gets shocked seeing Mohan there. He asks her that how is she now. He tells her to say where is Radha. He says that he and Gungun need Radha. Dadi slaps him. She tells him that she never saw a selfish person like him. She reminds him that what wrong he did with Radha. She says that Trivedis treated Radha like maid and Radha realised that, that’s why Radha left. She reveals that Radha is happy now and Radha is living like a queen. She adds that she know Radha will be happy until Mohan enters Radha’s life.

Episode ends.

Pushpa Impossible 13th April 2024 Written Update: Swara’s adoption ends in jeopardy

Pushpa Impossible 13th April 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Dilip seeing in the news that Santosh has gone to jail. Dilip thinks Santosh might have gone to jail but until he takes his revenge this case will not be closed.

Juggal and Pushpa convince Pakiya not to kill Bapodara and sends him away. Pushpa takes the gun from Pakiya and hides it.

Pushpa asks Saran if she can send Rashi to him as adoption centre people came to her house. Saran agrees.

Pushpa comes and says to Rashi that Saran is looking for her. Rashi agrees and leaves from there.

The adoption centre people question Swara about how she goes to school. The adoption centre people also question Pushpa. The Chawl people praise Pushpa and says Swara will be safe here to the adoption centre people.

The women association people ask Rukmani why are they waiting here. Rukmani ask the women association people to wait and says they will know in a while.

Rashi says to Saran that she knows Pushpa sent her here so that she will not slip her tongue infront of the adoption centre people. Saran says that is not the only reason and talks to Rashi about her character and praises her.

The adoption people after questioning Pushpa’s family say they will tell their decision later and are about to leave but A gun falls out of Pushpa’s saree. Pushpa says this is not her gun but this gun belongs to Pakiya. Pushpa tells the adoption centre people what happened. The adoption centre people say that even if she told the truth they have to think about Swara’s adoption seriously as them finding a gun in her house is not a small matter. Pushpa tries to convince the adoption centre people to allow them to adopt Swara but they say that they have to think about Swara’s decision seriously.

Dilip sees in the news about Santosh being captured by the cops. Dilip recalls how he faked his death using Prakash by putting his accessories on his body. Dilip drags his body out of the fire.

A old guy sees Dilip unconscious and takes him to his home and treats him as Dilip pleads the old guy not to take him to the hospital.

Dilip says to the old guy that the court might have punished Santosh but he will not stop until he punishes Santosh.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Pushpa says to Jansheel Basti People that they can’t law into their hands.

Jansheel Basti people stop Bapodara’s car and beat him up.

Prarthna blames Pushpa for Bapodara’s condition.

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 14th April 2024 Written Update: Ranjha gets saved from Jarnail’s plan

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 14th April 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Yashika and Heer together when Jarnail calls Heer and asks if she has reached Atwal mansion. She tells that she has come there to help him and asks him to pay her well for the same. Jarnail agrees to give her a ransom amount . Heer questions what she has to do for the plan but Jarnail tells her that she will be informed later about it. Heer tells Yashika that they need to keep Ranjha safe from Jarnail and also get clue about Rajwinder being the one who has been helping Jarnail.

Yashika and Heer search Rajwinder’s room to find some clue while Rajwinder tells Sartaj that she wants his signs on papers to donate some property to the orphanage which is on way of their factory. While Sartaj is about to sign, Yashika comes there and tells him not to sign the papers. She shows the paper with lots of fake signature of Sartaj. She says she has got the paper from Rajwinder’s room. Heer points that the person who wanted to get his signature has realized that they cannot copy it so she has come to him directly.

Sartaj again goes through the property papers and says if Rajwinder is transferring all the property to Sunny and Simrit’s name. She starts acting emotionally and says whatever she has been doing is for well being of the kids. Rajwinder tells that she has lost two sons but now she has to think about Simrit and Sunny’s future. Ranjha questions her why she is doubting his intentions. Rajwinder keeps acting and says she is only thinking about her grandkids. Sartaj tells that she is lying as she never wanted Ranjha to get share in the property.

Sartaj scolds Rajwinder for not changing and not accepting Ranjha by her heart. The latter keeps continuing her drama and says she has not done anything wrong by thinking about Sunny and Simrit. Ranjha tells Sartaj to sign the papers if Rajwinder wants so. Navjot stops Ranjha and tells him to atleast think about Heer. Ranjha tells he will fulfill all her wishes with his capability. However Sartaj ends up tearing off the property papers saying that the property will be divided equally amongst his children. Heer tells Yashika that Ranjha is so pure hearted. They think if Rajwinder is not helping Jarnail who can the person be.

Heer gets a message which shocks her. Lated she receives some parcel sent by Jarnail. He informs her that she needs to use the deodorant to make his plan successful. He asks her to spray it on plants and she realises it’s actually chemical. Jarnail orders her to change deodorant with chemical bottle in Ranjha’s wardrobe. Jarnail gets angry seeing Heer mixing the bottles and Ranjha being safe. Jarnail sends her the video of same and says her that she is under his insight. The episode ends with Sunny and Simrit telling family members that Teji always leaves them alone and goes somewhere. Jarnail tells Heer about next task.

Mangal Lakshmi 13th April 2024 Written Update: Wonderful view

Mangal Lakshmi 13th April 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kusum assuring her family that she will find an amazing groom for Lakshmi in a month. Ishana feels pain in her stomach and throws the food. Family members feel worried for her. Akshat tells family members that Ishana has a fear of failing in trigonometry so she is acting to skip the next day’s exam.

Adit asks Ishana to tell the truth. Ishana admits that she has a fear of failing in trigonometry so she is faking the pain. Adit assures her that he will make her learn formulas. Mangal advises Ishana to never run away from her fear. Ishana agrees.

Adit teaches formulas to Ishana. Mangal stops Akshat from troubling Ishana. Lakshmi calls Mangal. Mangal asks Lakshmi why she didn’t pick up her call. Lakshmi thinks about Baba’s words. Lakshmi lies to Mangal and manages the situation. Ishana thanks Adit for making her learn the formulas easily. Mangal feels happy seeing them.

The next day, Soumya sees Adit’s phone ringing. She keeps it on silent mode without Adit’s knowledge so they can enjoy their outing. Adit gives Soumya coffee. They spend quality time together.

Mangal receives a call from school that they caught Ishana cheating in the exam and asks them to come to the school immediately. Mangal tells it to Kusum. Kusum asks Mangal to call Adit. She says Ishana learned all formulas from Adit so she can’t cheat. Mangal agrees and says Adit can handle it. She calls him. Adit hears a vibrating sound. He sees it’s Mangal’s call. Soumya asks him to not let anyone disturb their date. Adit agrees.

Mangal tells Kusum that she will go to school. Kusum asks how she will manage in English medium school. Mangal says she will and goes to school.

Jia’s mother says to Gayatri that they have to fix Karthik-Jia’s engagement date. Gayatri tries to escape but Karthik pleads with her to agree so she agrees. They all feel happy.

Sonu asks Lakshmi to drink tea but she refuses to drink it. Shanthi gets furious thinking Lakshmi is drinking coffee. Sonu learns about Lakshmi’s nirjal vrath. Shanthi takes Lakshmi away from there.

Lakshmi goes to Ishana’s school. Ishana tells Principal that she didn’t cheat. Principal says they can’t tolerate the cheating so they will rusticate her. Mangal asks Principal if she can talk in Hindi. Ishana feels humiliated. Principal looks at Mangal in shock.

Later Adit takes his phone from Soumya. He sees many missed calls from Ishana’s school, and his family. He calls Mangal.

Mangal requests Principal to not rusticate her child. Principal refuses to listen to her. Ishana asks Mangal to call Adit. Mangal pleads Principal to give one chance to Ishana to prove her innocence.

Shanthi asks Baba to tell them what they have to do to make Lakshmi’s bad time go away. Lakshmi tells Shanti that Baba is fake but she doesn’t listen. Baba asks Shanthi to get a bucket full of ice water. Shanti sends Lipika to get ice water. Lipika brings the water. Baba pours the water over Lakshmi. Lakshmi cries in pain.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mangal comes to Lakshmi’s rescue and says to Shanti that Baba is fake. Baba curses Lakshmi and runs from there. Mangal decides to take Lakshmi to her house.

Doree 13th April 2024 Written Update: Ganga takes Bhola’s responsibility

Doree 13th April 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with the nurse informing to the doctor Bhola is a girl. He tells her that Ganga Prasad mentioned him as boy. Mansi is praying for Bhola and Doree. The doctor asks her to give one more injection to him. He asks her if he can endure the pain? He might bear it. He asks her to make sure that her fever is down. Later, Ganga Prasad prayed for Bhola. He feels happy to see his fever got down. She mentioned baba name in her sleep. Ganga asks him what happened to his sound? She says that he has a fever. Ganga says that he did a lot of prayer. Doree thinks that he is getting close with her. He can bring back his memory asap. Ganga asks him why did he took risk for him? He says that he won’t leave anyone alone? The doctor informs him that his fever is down. He mentioned her as girl. Bhola diverted him and taken Ganga Prasad out of the hospital. Meanwhile, Ganga asks him why did he mention him as a girl. Bhola says that he may be confused.

Bhola says that he is hungry he needs food or else he will faint. Ganga asks him what was he doing in that room? When did he came there. Later, Ganga Prasad takes Bhola back to home. Mansi asks him if he alright. Ganga says that he is better now. Ganga called Rukmani. She thinks why he is calling her? She is surprised to see Ganga there with Bhola. He asks Rukmani why did she hide the truth from him. She took the big decision but she didn’t inform him anything about it. He never expected it from her. Rukmani fears the worst. Ganga says that she gave shelter to Bhola. It’s a good thing. What’s the need to hide it from him. Bhola says that Rukmani said to him that giving a shelter to a child means she is considering child as a god. She has a good heart. Ganga Prasad appreciates him. Ganga says that he can stay here. No needs to hide it from them. He will take all the responsibility of Bhola. Rukmani is shocked to hear it.

Ganga Prasad asks her permission. Bhola asks him why he is taking a woman permission for it. If he isn’t capable of taking a decision in his own. Rukmani glares him. Ganga Prasad asks Chakram to show a guest room to him. Bhola asks Ganga Prasad why he is helping him? It’s his father responsibility to take care of him. Ganga asks him to consider him as his baba. He mentioned him as baba brother. Mansi recalls Doree. She asks him how did he learnt it. Bhola says that it’s his idea. He used to mention him as brother. Now he took the father responsibility of him. Baba brother. He complaints that the doctor asked him to take a rest not to answer their questions. Chakram takes him to his room. Later, Bhola thinks that baba took his responsibility. He don’t need to scared of Rukmani anymore.

Rukmani comes there taking a whip in her hand. She threatens to beat him with it for crossing his limits and did wrong. Bhola holds the whip. She asks him how dare he to hold it. Bhola says that he didn’t do any mistake. She can’t punish him. He complaints that he didn’t ask help to anyone. Ganga found him. He was unconscious so he don’t have any idea when he took him out. He won’t stay here without any respect. She can take care of Vansh. Rukmani stops him. He demands her to give food and clothes.

Episode end

Rukmani stops Doree

Vanshaj 13th April 2024 Written Update: Dj gets fired up on Gargi

Vanshaj 13th April 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with the apologize of Koyel who asks the forgiveness to Gargi for her rude behaviour. Gargi also forgives her but no one forgets the grudges. After leaving of the party, Dj follows Koyel to apologise to her bur Koyel feels very insulted. He tries to manage the situation but Koyel couldn’t able to digest the insult and threat of Gargi. On the other hand, Shubhadra instigates Gargi’s mind against Koyel, she also threats that Koyel might snatch the adorable son of Gargi and she will lost him forever. Gargi promises herself she wouldn’t let this happen. Shubhadra smirks.

Yuvika notices everything from aside and smiles at Dj. She seems very satisfied seeing the poor situation of Dj. Ahead, Yuvika are criticized by both Neel and Bhoomi, since Yuvika has harmed the respect of the family. They both remind them that she should not destroy the family bonding. Bhoomi also tries to correct her and requests Yuvika not to mistreat Gargi and Koyel. Yuvika prefers her goal over the family sentiment, focuses to regain the position in the Mahajan house. Bhoomi feels sad for the sudden change of her daughter’s fear. She also fears if Yuvika will also become like other Mahajans.

Later, Dj comes into the room of Gargi to dissolve the matter with hos mom. Dj doesn’t seem happy with the cruelty of Gargi and requests her to check it. Gargi says she is not feeling right about this marriage proposal and has send the Kundali to the family astrologer. She immediately calls the astrologer and asks the result of the Kundali. The astrologer alerts Dj about a girl who might destroy the career of the Mahajan family. Dj disagrees to listen anything and throws the Mobile phone immediately. Though Gargi begs him to listen her for once but Dj angrily leaves the room angrily.

On the other hand, Koyel also gets mad when she returns in the home. Shristi tries to come her down but Koyel is not ready to listen anything from her mom. Ahead, Yuvika comes to meet Bhoomi but Isha forbids her to come in. Bhoomi also forbids her to come in. Yuvika feels very bad for the rude behaviour of Bhoomi. She challenges herself that no one could stop her from reaching her own goal. Reminding the betrayal of Dj, she gets fired up. But she also feels very sad for making upset her own mother.

Dj gets mad on his own employer since he failed to recover the cctv footage. His father requests him to calm down vut Dj feels screwed up. Yuvika comes to know that someone is monitoring her articles and all. Actually, Neel tries to know more about Yukti Multani.

Episode ends.

Precap : Yuvika will try to impress Gargi to win her heart.

Aangan Apno Kaa 13th April 2024 Written Update: The lawyer says there’s no way they can win against Puppy Mehra.

Aangan Apno Kaa 13th April 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Jaydev getting ready to leave for the lawyers office but he hears Pallavi’s voice asking him to lie down on the bed again and take rest. He wonders where Pallavi is and asks her to come out. Pallavi was actually on video call with Tanvi. So she tells Jaydev that she and Akash are going to meet the lawyer so he doesn’t need to worry about these things.

Janvi calls Rakesh so Tanvi asks him to answer otherwise she might come home. Rakesh answers the call and asks her if there’s anything urgent since he is busy right now. Janvi says she is pregnant. Hearing this Tanvi comes to Rakesh and asks him what Janvi is saying in fear. Jaydev comes out and asks what’s the matter. Rakesh and Tanvi try to handle the situation by making up some stories.

Jaydev asks Tanvi to call Deepika from her no since she is very stressed since she heard about their home mortgage issue. Ravi enters Puppy’s office and starts talking to Puppy. He keeps counting his money without paying attention to them. She tries to take their part of the money, Puppy asks who these people are and why they are here. He asks his aide to throw out Ravi and his mother. He shows a contract showing the ten crore loan agreement to them. Ravi’s mother asks Puppy that they are all part of his team only and they are supposed to get 59 lac rupees from him. So she asks when he would return it. Puppy refuses all of this and throws them out of their office. She realises that they are also under 10 crore debt.

The lawyer tells Akash and Pallavi that there are thousand cases against Puppy in every court of Delhi and no one has been able to do anything against Puppy till date. He makes it clear that they have lost their shop and since her father has signs on the paper he might be involved in the fraud case any moment. Deepika comes to meet Jaydev. She lies to Jaydev about Varun but Jaydev catches her so she ends up crying.

Jaydev tells Deepika that Varun has not done anything wrong in fact he is working hard. He says he is proud of Varun and says she must support Varun. Pallavi Jaydev and Tanvi all lighten the mood of Deepika. Akash lies to Jaydev and says the lawyer said they would win the case. Suresh has a hard time believing that their shop is gone. Ravi and his mother come back home with a sullen face. Pallavi doubts that maybe they signed the documents due to someone trustworthy persuasion. Episode ends.

Precap : Pallavi to become the shield of her families against Puppy Mehra.

Parineetii 13th April 2024 Written Update: Sherly confronts Neeti

Parineetii 13th April 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sanju and Parineet taking Parminder’s blessing. They shares their new year wishes to her. Sanju says that he brought her favourite sweets. She thanked him. Chandrika comes there and takes her blessing. She asks Chandrika about Amith. If he still sleeping? She tells her that he woke up. Bebe asks Parminder to control her husband first. He is still sleeping. Tao ji hears it and thinks that she will create a problem over this matter. He manages to convince her. Later, Neeti thinks that she has to separate Sanju from Parineet asap. Sherly is torturing her. She doesn’t want to marry him at all. Sherly asks her to cancel the wedding then. She is shocked to hear it. Parminder is teasing her husband. Bebe waits for Neeti. Sherly says to Neeti that we can inform everyone that she don’t want to marry him. She thinks that it’s right. She don’t want to marry him. Sanju is her love. Sherly provokes her. Neeti says that she doesn’t want to marry him now. She needs times to understand him. He thinks that he can understand her intentions.

Chandrika asks Sherly if he met Neeti? He didn’t talked with them but went to meet Neeti straightly. Parineet asks Neeti if she alright. Sherly answers them in a confusing way. Neeti asks him what’s he meant? Sherly says that he wanted to reveal what’s on her mind. Neeti asks him not to confuse them. Sanju advises Sherly to fulfil his fiancee’s wish. Parineet supports Neeti too. Sherly complaints that everyone is supporting Neeti. Parminder is his last hope. Bebe asks him to say it out. He is confusing them. Sherly says that Neeti doesn’t want to marry him. They are shocked to hear it. Saradha comes there. She says that she did the shipping and printed the wedding invitation too. If she informed her early she would have cancelled the wedding. Neeti says that Sanju can understand her. He asked Sherly to fulfil her wish. Tao ji says that he said it casually. Neeti says that he can understand her better. Sherly says that she has special feelings for Sanju. Whatever he says it’s right for her. Parminder thinks that she started her plan. Parineet fears that Neeti has feelings for Sanju. Sanju assures her through his eyes that she is his wife.

Neeti says to Sherly that he is thinking that she likes Sanju more then him. She wanted to say it in front of everyone that she likes Sanju more than Sherly. Sanju is the best one. If Sherly is better then Sanju then she would have arranged Parineet wedding with him. She deserved the best that is why she got Sanju. Saradha says that she can’t understand anything. Neeti says that she doesn’t want to marry Sherly now. She needs time to understand him. They got engaged in their second meeting. Everything going asap. She needs time. Sanju says that Sherly loves her asap. He is mad in love with her. Parineet says that Neeti is also right. She needs time to understand him. Saradha agrees to give time to them. Neeti plans something else. Sherly agreed to their decision. Neeti admires Sanju. Mehera invites Sanju to attend the function. Parminder advises Sanju to take extra care on Parineet. She is in her 7th month. He assures her to take care of her.

Later, Sherly asks Sanju to share his feelings about his baby. He shares with him how much he is excited to welcome his baby. Neeti hears it all. She understands that Sanju likes his baby. He married Parineet for this baby. He isn’t loving her at all. He started ignoring her after she had miscarriage. She thinks that it’s easy. She don’t need to fight a lot. This baby is important to him not Parineet. Parineet confronts Neeti. She tells her that she is scared to get pregnant. Parineet worried about her.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti spiked Sanju’s drink

Udaariyaan 13th April 2024 Written Update: RV confronts Rohan.

Udaariyaan 13th April 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with a fire breaking out in RV’s room due to a short circuit in the lie detector while Simmy and Rohan shift Armaan to another place. Aasman tries to go after them but stays back in the RV. She saves RV and then rushes to the door. Aasman finds Rohan’s lighter near the door so she realises it was Rohan. She fetches the car keys from RV’s driver and tries to leave in the car to find Armaan but RV arrives there.

He chases Aasman for trying to burn him alive and keeps on saying things and nagging. Aasman tells him what all just happened. After telling about Rohan, RV holds Aasman’s neck and tries to choke her. As he says that Armaan had to die before but will die now so it doesn’t matter at all. Aasman slaps RV for saying this and leaves.

Simmy and Rohan take Armaan to a place where they tie Armaan’s feet with the chain and then tie it with a stone. They try to kill Armaan by throwing him in Naini lake. Just before they try to throw him in the lake, Sukhi calls Rohan and asks where he is supposed to come to give him the ransom money. They ask Sukhi to reach Naini lake with the money and not try to act smart or else they would get Armaan’s dead body. Sukhi was asked to call Rohan by Aasman to track their location.

Aasman reaches the location and gets hit by Simmy with a rod. She falls down on the ground and sees Simmy and Rohan throwing Armaan in the Naini lake. After this they pick up the bag brought by Aasman and run to their car. Aasman jumps into the lake to save Aasmaan. Rohan and Simmy get surrounded by RV. He was sent the call recording of Sukhi and Rohan by Aasman. RV pulls Rohan out of the car and asks why he did this while beating him. He asks if this was all money.

RV says that he did all this to destroy him and not for money. He confesses all his plans and deeds. Aasman finds Armaan inside the lake and tries to open the chain ties of his feet. Rohan says that he sang better than RV but he always overshadowed him and never let him grow. That’s why he only had one option but to destroy him. He says RV was his adopted brother and they have no blood relation. Rohan asks him to get this confirmed from Bebe. RV gets shocked hearing this and asks him to not joke with him. Rohan shouts and asks him to leave. The police arrive and arrest Rohan. Aasman gets rid of the chains from Armaan’s feet and takes him out of the water. She gives him CPR and tries to bring him back to senses but he doesn’t respond. Episode ends.

Precap : Armaan would require blood donation due to heavy blood loss.