Ajooni 9th February 2023 Written Update: Shikha plans to ruin Rajveer’s surprise


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Episode begins with Dolly goes to Ajooni with hockey stick. Ajooni asks her that what the latter is doing with hockey stick. Dolly struggles to reply. Aman comes there and tells Ajooni that Mangi Ram brought new maid. They goes to the hall. Bebe asks Mangi Ram that how he found Sundari. Sundari explains her first meeting with Mangi Ram. Mangi Ram tells Bebe that Sundari is super fast in her work. He says that Sundari can dance and sing too. Sundari starts dancing. Bebe asks her to stop it. Sundari says that she know all the work because she is smart Sundari. Bebe introduces Baggas to Sundari. Sundari tells Ajooni that she studied in her father’s class. Bebe explains about work to Sundari. She tells her to work well. Aman and Ajooni takes Sundari inside. Bebe says that she is glad Chamko left the job.

In the kitchen, Aman tells Ajooni that she will give tea to Harvinder. Sundari tells her that she will give tea to Harvinder. She goes to Harvinder’s room and keeps the tea on the table. Harvinder misunderstands Sundari as Aman and asks her to massage him. Sundari gives massage to him. He gets shocked seeing her. He asks her that who is she. She tells him that she is new maid. He asks her to continue the massage. Shikha sees that and drags Sundari to the hall and insults her.

Sundari explains that what happened. Shikha asks her to stop talking nonsense and leave the house. Ajooni tells her that Sundari is new to this house and Sundari don’t know anything about this family members. She defends Sundari and taunts Shikha. Shikha tells her that the latter will understand when something happens with Rajveer. Ajooni warns her to not drag Rajveer in this matter. Bebe asks them to stop it and she scolds them. She warns Sundari to just do her work. Sundari goes inside. Bebe warns Ajooni and Shikha to not fight like animals and goes inside. Shikha tells Ajooni that the latter will regret for supporting Sundari. Ajooni tells her that Sundari is Subhash’s student so she trust her values. Shikha tells her that the latter will see those values soon.

Later, Sundari falls on Rajveer’s arms. Ajooni comes there. Rajveer explains her that he helped Sundari. Ajooni asks Sundari that if the latter is fine. Sundari nods at her. Ajooni tells her to do her work. Sundari leaves from there. Ajooni asks Rajveer that why he is sweating. She goes to the kitchen. Rajveer follows her. Shikha sees everything.

Rajveer tries to talk to Ajooni but she avoids him due to work. He calls his friends and arranges surprise for Ajooni. He tells them that Ajooni is angry with him so she is not talking to him. Shikha thinks that Ajooni won’t reach the terrace tonight. He keeps the card on the bed. Shikha steals it and tears it. She says that Rajveer will get surprise not Ajooni.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Rajveer waits for Ajooni on the terrace. He calls Ajooni.

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