Aankh Micholi 22nd February 2024 Written Update: Arvind’s dream is shattered.


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The episode starts with a lady name Manorama comes to meet Kesarva and introduce herself as as match maker. Kesarva tells Manorama to take a sit. Manorama tells Kesar that she is excellent in matching pairs. Manorama tells Kesarva that she can judge that what kind of daughter in law she needs. Manorama tells Kesarva that she wants a allrounder and daughter in law will full of qualities. Kesarva tells Manorama that she wants a home maker who can make the house a heaven.

Manorama tells Kesarva that she always have postive vibes around her. Kesarva is impressed with Bhaven Bhai for bringing Manorama and Kesarva hopes the she will get a perfect Bahu for her hom. Manorama tells Kesarva that it’s her honour that she is getting the find the girl for IPS officer Malhaar. Kesarva tells Manorama that Sumedh is getting married not Malhaar and she wants in 15 days. Manorama tells Kesarva that it’s not possible for her to find a girl for Sumedh. Kesarva tells Manorama that Sumedh is capable and he can fulfill every responsibilites of his life partner.

Manorama reminds Kesarva that Sumedh is not her own son. Kesarva tells Manorama that wheather Sumedh is not her own son and but he have a equal share in this house like Malhaar. Kesarva tells Manorama to tell the girl who she is going to make the match and she wants the bride in 15 days.
Arvind tells Senior officer that she can’t expelled her daughter like this. Senior officer tells Arvind that she had mailed everything about Rukhmini’s report. Arvind tells Piyush to print the report and he receives a video footage also in which Rukhmini pulls a heavy cart. Piyush gives the report to his father. Arvind break down after he reads the report is positive.

Rukhmini arrives in the house. Arvind denies to recognise Rukhmini. Arvind tells Rukhmini that she is a police officer daughter and she cannot do such things. Arvind ask Rukhmini that why she taken the drug. Arvind tells Rukhmini that he don’t know that she will go far to improve her result. Rukhmini tells her father to trust but he is not ready to accept Rukhmini is not wrong. Arvind tells Rukhmini to push a heavy table but she is fails to push. Arvind gets paronoid and Piyush tries to control his father. Arvind tells Rukhmini that she had taken the drug and he is ashamed of what she did .

Sonal comes in the ally and everyone starts taunting them her sister Rukhmini. Sonal learns from everyone that Rukhmini gots expelled from the academy for taking drugs. Everyone starts taunting Sonal that she also takes the drug. Sonal tells everyone to not interfere in her house matters. The woman snatch Sonal’s bag to check the drugs but Sonal runs away. Manorama enters the ally and wants to find about the girl who was arguing with the lady. Sonal comes home and hugs her father. Sonal tells Rukhmini that she has insulted her father and why she had taken the drug. Sonal tells Rukhmini that her father always gives important to her. Sonal tells Rukhmini that everyone was calling her as Rukhmini’s sister. Sonal tells Rukhmini that she must ashamed what she did.

Precap-Arvind feels distress and fell down.Sumedh takes him to the hospital. Sumedh informs Rukhmini about her father’s heart attack. Rukhmini rush to hospital and Arvind tells Rukhmini to say yes for the wedding.