Agnisakshi 12th October 2023 Written Update: Juhi teams up with Jeevika


Agnisakshi 12th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jeevika saying to Narayanan that she wanted to discuss something important with them. Adaya says that she didn’t call Rajnandini here. Jeevika says that whatever she is going to show them it’s hard for them to believe it. She is going to reveal Rajnandini’s true colors to them. Rajnandini comes there and says that she is going to reveal her truth, so she thinks of unveiling her true face to them by herself. An armed man comes there and points a gun at them. Narayanan asks her what’s going on here. She tells him that they made her take this decision. She threatens them to stay away from her or else she won’t hesitate to shoot at them. Latha scolds her. Rajnandini checks the video and finds the folder is empty. Rajnandini asks Jeevika about the evidence. Jeevika and Satvik make fun of her and say that they don’t have it. But they made Rajnandini unveil her true colors in front of everyone.

Rajnandini says that they played a cheap trick on her. Narayanan says to her that he understands one thing, that she isn’t an innocent person but pretending to act as one. Rajnandini agrees with him. Utkarsh says to Satvik and Jeevika that he had already warned them not to do anything against Rajnandini. She is a dangerous person. Narayanan asks him how he is talking normally. If he is alright, Rajnandini appreciates Utkarsh’s acting. He asks him if Jeevika taught him to act like that. She points a gun at her. Narayanan asks Rajnandini why she is treating them like her enemies. Rajnandini says that he talked right this time. They are her enemies. She hates them being happy in this house. She has created a right between Narayan and Satvik since she came to this house. She created fear in Shlok’s mind, that is why he is scared to talk with him. She broke Adaya’s confidence. She brought Jeevika to this house because she was infertile. Latha asks her if she knew the truth before.

Rajnandini says that she fixed her alliance for that reason. She asked Supriya to break up with Satvik. Jeevika often gets into her way. So she abducts her and pushes her off the cliff. He separated Utkarsh from this family. Narayanan is shocked to hear that. Narayanan says that she shouldn’t treat her husband like that. Rajnandini reveals that Utkarsh isn’t her husband. Jeevika says that Ritima is his wife. She spilled the beans. Rajnandini reveals to Narayan that he was the reason for her father’s death. She says to Jeevika, let’s play a game. Rajnandini asks Jeevika if she wants her life or Satvik’s death? She tells her that she needs Satvik’s life. Satvik asks her not to make the wrong decision. Jeevika says that she wants to save her nuptial chain. She will sacrifice her life for Satvik. She dragged the trigger.

Jeevika says that the bullet isn’t in this gun. Rajnandini says that she isn’t a fool to play with her life. Her life isn’t a waste like Jeevika’s life. Utkarsh says that if she hasn’t loaded the bullet in the gun, then there is no meaning to this game. Rajnandini says that she hasn’t started her game yet. The calling bell rings. She asks Shlok to open the door. She is surprised to see Juhi there. She says that somehow her foolish sister got her brain. Juhi says that she is right but she isn’t back alone. She brings Ritima and Prateep there. Utkarsh hugs her. Satvik recalls the way he asked Prateep’s help to find Ritima. Juhi says that she betrayed Rajnandini because she taught her this. Rajnandini pointed a gun at her.

Episode end

Precap; The police arrested Rajnandini