Agnisakshi 13th October 2023 Written Update: Satvik and Jeevika’s happy ending


Agnisakshi 13th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajnandini saying to Jeevika that the game is over. Jeevika stops her. Narayanan tells her that she hates him, so leaves his children. Rajnandini says that he snatched her parents from her. So she is going to snatch his children from him one by one. He didn’t have grandchildren or else she would have killed them too. Jeevika gave a fitting reply to her. Juhi says to Rajnandini that if she apologizes to this family then they will forgive her. Rajnandini says that she hasn’t committed any mistakes. She won’t apologize to them. Juhi says that her parents died. If she kills them, nothing is going to change here. Rajnandini is not listening to her. She says to them that they shouldn’t have called the police. Satvik asks the police to arrest Rajnandini. She says that she has a licence for this gun. Satvik says that the gun is for self-defense. She threatened them. He asks them not to write Bosle’s name on the chargesheet. He mentions whatever crime she did there. Utkarsh complained against her. The police took her from there.

Narayanan says to them that he shouldn’t have trusted Rajnandini blindly. He thanked Jeevika for revealing the truth. Latha tells her that she made her understand the value of relationships. She is ashamed to face her. She doesn’t know how she fell for her tricks. She apologized to her. Jeevika says that she has to bless her not to apologise. Jeevika thanked Prateep for helping her to find Ritima. He says to her that he can do anything for her. Adaya and Shlok are fighting there. Latha asks them to grow up. Jeevika says that she isn’t grown up yet. Later, Satvik has a nightmare about Rajnandini. He scolds Jeevika for taking the risk for him. He says that she wasn’t playing Ludo there with Rajnandini. He would die without her. Jeevika asks him not to talk about death. He says that she doesn’t care about him. He argues with her. She convinces him. He spends time with her.

One year later

Jeevika is preparing ladoo. She noticed that the ladoo was missing. She noticed that Satvik and her children were eating the ladoo secretly. She caught them red-handed. She gives the laddoo to them. He asks her to give him his rights. She promised him that she would show her love to him. He makes faces there. Later, Utkarsh advises Ritima that she shouldn’t eat panipuri during her pregnancy. She tells him that she is eating it for her baby. She likes it a lot. Meanwhile, Swara asks Shlok if he knows which date this is? He denies it. Swara tells him that we started dating on this date. How could he forget it? She scolds him. He gives a rose to her and says that he didn’t forget. Later, Satvik says to Jeevika that he has to adopt 12 more children to fulfill her dream.

Jeevika calls everyone there. Narayanan thanked them for bringing happiness to this house. Latha says that they did a good thing by adopting these children. They gave a new family to them. She praises her. Juhi is taking the photo. She says that she realises that she likes to take photos. She chose it as her career. Satvik is teasing Latha. Adaya says, let’s take a family picture. Jeevika shares a social message with the audience.

The end.