Agnisakshi 16th March 2023 Written Update: Satvik’s timely help


Agnisakshi 16th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Satvik asking the media to leave if their questions were over. He asks them to eat food before leaving because they won’t allow our guests to leave on an empty stomach. Rajnandini takes them from there before she gets caught. Manas notices the way Rajnandini talks with the media. Later, Rajnandini gives an announcement about Satvik -Jeevika’s love. Pallavi says to Prateep that she made everyone shut their mouths. Prateep asks her to shut her mouth. Narayanan appreciates Rajnandini for handling the situation well. Satvik notices that Jeevika is uncomfortable with her dress. Satvik asks her to sit and gives water to her. She shares with him that she is handling these many guests and media for the first time. That is why she got nervous. She thanks him for taking a stand for her. Rajnandini takes Jeevika from there. Prateep tries to question Satvik about the accident. Manas comes there and informs him that Rajnandini has invited the media to attend the function. Satvik excuses Prateep.

Rajnandini introduces Jeevika to their guest. She is overjoyed when Jeevika feels uncomfortable answering them. Satvik takes Rajnandini from there. Jeevika feels embarrassed in front of the guests. Satvik says to Rajnandini that he came to know that she invited the media even after he refused. Rajnandini manages to convince Satvik. She says to him that she doesn’t want to see the media publishing news about their family in a wrong way. Satvik thanked her for handling it well. Later, Swara notices Manohar and Prateep are worried about Jeevika’s life. She convinces them that Satvik will take care of Jeevika well. Manohar says to her. Why did Satvik agree to marry Jeevika after that accident? Swara says to her that Satvik takes care of Satvik. Sukanya worries how Jeevika will handle the guests and media alone.

Ruhi and her friends are teasing Jeevika. Jeevika felt embarrassed when they talked about her education. They add that she is a mismatch with Satvik. She doesn’t deserve the most eligible bachelor. Rajnandini pretends to support her in front of them. Jeevika says to them that she is destined to marry Satvik. They make fun of her. Prateep confronts Satvik. Why did he marry Jeevika? Why did he hide this truth from him? Didn’t he get to inform him about it once? He notices the way Jeevika feels uncomfortable in her gown. He excuses him and acts like he spills wine on her accidentally. He apologizes to her and takes her from there to change her dress. Prateep complained to Manohar that he insulted Jeevika in front of everyone. Swara explains the situation to him that Jeevika was uncomfortable in that dress. Satvik asked about it and asked her to change it but she didn’t hear it. That is why he played this drama to change her dress. She assures him that Satvik cares about Jeevika.

Satvik asks Jeevika to change her dress. She doesn’t want to wear this dress, which makes her uncomfortable. She shares her grief with him. Satvik asks her if someone makes her uncomfortable. She refuses to reveal it to him. Satvik says to her that their marriage life may have a short time but it’s his responsibility to take care of her. Whatever happened to her is his responsibility. Satvik is about to reveal the truth to Prateep but he stops him. He says to him that Sukanya narrated everything to him. Later, Manas keeps a close watch on Rajnandini. She collects the money from the mysterious person. Jeevika comes there wearing a traditional dress. Narayanan appreciates her. Satvik alerts Jeevika that the lawyer attended the reception. Siddhi confronts Jeevika.

Episode end

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