Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta Upcoming Story: Pallavi to hide the truth from Prateep


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Colors TV’s popular show Agnisakshi is gearing up for more drama. Jeevika spends quality time with Satvik

In the previous episode we saw, Jeevika thanked Satvik for arranging her things. She informed him that she had cooked his favourite dish. Meanwhile, Adaya was shocked to find that Jeevika cooked brinjal, which Satvik hated the most.

Satvik was shocked to find the dish. Rajnandini acted like apologizing to Satvik for not sharing his likes and dislikes with Jeevika. Satvik assured Rajnandini that he had no problem eating it. He tasted the food and appreciated Jeevika’s cooking.

Narayanan appreciated Satvik for taking a stand for his wife. Rajnandini asked Narayanan to send Jeevika and Satvik on honeymoon. Shlok revealed the truth to Jeevika. Jeevika apologized to Satvik, but he thanked her for the delicious food, which made him remember his mom.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Satvik and Jeevika will have a wonderful time. Shlok will tease them for hiding together. Sukanya will be happy to learn from Prateep that Satvik treated Jeevika well. Pallavi will notice Satvik and Jeevika’s picture and hide it from Prateep.

Jhanvi will hide in Juhi’s room. Jeevika will search for Jhanvi. When the family find out that Juhi locked Jhanvi in the room, Rajnandini will slap her. Jeevika will sing a lullaby for Jhanvi, which makes Satvik remember Savitri.

What will happen next? When will Jeevika find the truth? Will Satvik smell Rajnandini’s plan?

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