Agnishakshi 9th February 2023 Written Update: Guruji’s talks shock the family


Agnishakshi 9th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajnandhini introducing Jeevika’s family to Narayan. Satvik gets a call from the office. He is about to leave to meet someone important. Narayan asks Satvik to postpone it as meeting Jeevika’s family is more important to him. Satvik agrees and goes aside to make a phone call. Narayan apologizes to them for not coming to their house to talk about Satvik and Jeevika’s alliance. Jeevika’s father says that they’re aware of his heath condition as Pallavi told them.

Pallavi is about to boast about fixing Satvik and Jeevika’s alliance. She sees Rajnandhini glaring at her. She says that she and Rajnandhini fixed this alliance. Narayan praises Rajnandhini and Pallavi. Pallavi scolds Jhanvi and runs around the house. Narayan asks Pallavi to let the child play. He expresses his wish to see his grandchildren and adds that he wants Satvik to get married for the same reason. Sukanya recalls the doctor saying that Jeevika can never become a mother and grows anxious. On the other hand, Jeevika is doing shopping with Swara and her friend, Siddhi. They are in earring shop. Swara and Siddhi tease Jeevika with Satvik. Jeevika feels shy and goes apart.

Here, Pradeep and Narayan have a talk while the rest of the family visit the house. Ruhi is surprised to find Rajnandhini boiling water in the kitchen as she never did it before. Rajnandhini says that she has come here to escape from Jeevika’s family. Narayan asks Pradeep to choose a wedding card. He finds Pradeep worried and asks what the matter is. Pradeep expresses his worry about arranging for the wedding in a short time. Narayan requests Pradeep to let him bear the whole cost of this wedding. He says that he has everything by God’s grace except Jeevika. He says that he got a reson to live after Jeevika agreeing to marry Satvik. He says that unknowingly Jeevika did so much for him. So he asks Pradeep to prepare guests list and bring Jeevika to the mandap while he will handle everything.

Ruhi asks Rajnandhini why seems tended. Rajnandhini says that she’s worried that this wedding will call off as Guruji is going to come. She further says that he always tries insults her. She says that they have to fight when they come face to face. Meanwhile, Jeevika’s dad goes to Satvik’s room. Satvik makes him sit and offers him water. Jeevika’s dad tells Satvik about Jeevika. He praises Jeevika. He says that Jeevika doesn’t like to fight as she wants to keep the family united. On the other hand, Jeevika tries earrings looking at her reflection in the mirror. She imagines spending a romantic moment with Satvik. She comes to the reality when Swara and Siddhi teases her about dreaming. Here, Jeevika’s dad expresses his joy for Jeevika getting Satvik who understands her and her dream and take care of her, as her life partner. Satvik is about to say that the truth about this wedding. But Jeevika’s dad doesn’t let him speak.

Later, as Jeevika’s family and Narayan are talking, a maid informs Narayan that Guruji has come. Jeevika’s family asks about who he is. Narayan tells them about Guruji. Narayan welcomes Guruji. Bhosle takes his blessings. Guruji moves away when Rajnandhini takes his blessings.

Narayan says to Guruji about Rajnandhini fixing Satvik and Jeevika’s wedding after 15 days after discussing with many priests. Guruji says that the wedding should take place after 15 days. Rajnandhini and everyone becomes happy to hear this. The Guruji further says that there’s a problem, Satvik and Jeevika shouldn’t meet before the wedding. Narayan says that they have already met. Guruji says that they shouldn’t meet again or even see each other face before the wedding which shocks everyone.

The episode ends.

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