Ajooni 22nd August 2023 Written Update: Ajooni rescues Ravinder


Ajooni 22nd August 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Ajooni asks Jagraj that where is he now. Jagraj tells her that she is in the place where he met Ravinder first time. She tells Rajveer that they have Ravinder’s location and they leaves from there to rescue Ravinder and Chiku. On the other hand, Harvinder asks Shikha that why she did not pick his calls. Shikha tells him that her phone is missing from the time pest control workers came. She says that they have to tell Jagraj to stay alert because Ajooni and Rajveer won’t stay silent.

Rajveer, Ajooni and Gyaneshwar reaches Jagraj’s house. Rajveer beat Jagraj’s men up. Gyaneshwar finds Chiku. Ajooni finds Ravinder. Ravinder asks her that how she found him. She tells him that she came with Rajveer. She takes him from there.

Shikha calls Jagraj and asks him that if everything is fine. Jagraj lies to her that everything is fine and disconnects the call. He tells Rajveer that he did what Rajveer told him to do. Rajveer makes him unconscious. Ravinder comes there and tells Rajveer that he know the latter will find him. He asks him about Gyaneshwar. Gyaneshwar comes there with Chiku. He greets Ravinder and he introduces himself to Ravinder. He says that he did everything for his daughter Chiku. Rajveer tells Ravinder that Shikha is behind all this. Ajooni tells Ravinder that Harvinder is Shikha’s accomplice.

Shikha tells Harvinder to keep an eye on Gyaneshwar. Harvinder asks her that if she took Ravinder’s signature on the papers. She looks at her father and then she nods at Harvinder. She tells Harvinder to threaten Gyaneshwar. He nods at her and leaves from there.

Rajveer tells Ravinder that Shikha saved his and Ajooni’s life to gain their trust. He says that he won’t spare Shikha and Harvinder. Ravinder tells him that Shikha has property papers and they can’t do anything now. Ajooni tells him to act like Gyaneshwar in front of Harvinder to get property papers. Gyaneshwar tells Rajveer that he will handle Jagraj. Rajveer tells him that that’s not easy. Gyaneshwar asks him to not underestimate him.

Later, Ravinder pretends like sleeping. Harvinder wake him up. Ravinder slaps him and he talk like Gyaneshwar. Harvinder asks him that why he put microphone in his pocket. Ravinder tells him that Rajveer suspected him so he did that to clear Rajveer’s suspect. Harvinder asks him that if the latter said anything to them. Ravinder tells him that he can’t afford to go against him. Harvinder reminds him that Chiku is in his custody. He warns him to not try do anything against him. Ajooni and Rajveer overhears their conversation. Harvinder leaves from there. Ravinder tells Rajveer and Ajooni that he won’t spare Harvinder once he gets property papers. Meanwhile, Gyaneshwar locks Jagraj in a room. He orders Jagraj to tell tables. He punishes him for telling wrong.

Episode ends.

Precap – Lawyer reads Ravinder’s new will which states that Ravinder transferred all of his property on Shikha’s name. Harvinder and others gets shocked hearing this.

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