Ajooni 27th August 2022 Written Update: Ravinder blames Ajooni for Rajveer’s condition


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Episode begins with Aman tells Ajooni that the latter did not eat anything since morning. She asks her to drink tea. But Ajooni refuses. Aman tells her the latter should have informed them about Rajveer’s injuries. Ajooni tells her that she did not knew that he has many injuries. She says that Rajveer told her to not tell anyone about his injuries. Dolly hears everything. She taunts Ajooni and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Beeji tells Subhash that Rajveer is their son in law now. Subhash tells her that Rajveer is responsible for his condition. Bharat agrees with him. He says that they did not ask Rajveer to fight with goons. Meher asks him that how can he say that. She says that if Rajveer was not there then, she would have been kidnapped. She asks him that how he would have reacted if he was in Rajveer’s place then. Beeji says that they should see Rajveer atleast for humanity. Meher tells her that she will accompany her. Subhash goes inside angrily.

Ravinder slaps Rajveer’s friends. He asks them that who is responsible for this. Rajveer’s friend says that MLA’s son Balwinder is responsible for this. Ravinder orders Harvinder to bring Balwinder. He asks Rajveer’s friends that why this fight happened. They reveals everything. Ravinder tells Ajooni that she is behind everything. He says that she won’t stay silent until she ruins the family. He tells Aman to make sure that Ajooni does not come in front of him and Rajveer.

Harman comes there and she scolds Ajooni. She asks her to leave the house. Ravinder asks her that what is she doing there. She asks him that how can she stay in her mother house after knowing about Rajveer’s condition too. She tells him to punish her later. She pleads him to let her stay there until Rajveer gets fine.

Beeji, Bindu and Meher comes there. Harman pushes Ajooni. Beeji asks her that what happened. Harman complains about Ajooni. She scolds Ajooni for not calling the Doctor. Ravinder says that he don’t want Ajooni’s family to go near Rajveer. He blames Ajooni and Meher for Rajveer’s condition. Bindu says that Rajveer saved Meher from goons. Harman and Harvinder accuses Meher. Ajooni says that she is responsible for Rajveer’s condition. She warns them to not say anything against her family.

Ravinder tells Beeji to take Ajooni with her. Beeji apologizes to him. She tells him that nothing will happen to Rajveer. Nurse informs them that Rajveer’s health worsening. Baggas goes to Rajveer’s room. Ravinder threatens the Doctor to save Rajveer.

Bindu tells Ajooni that the latter should go with them. Ajooni says that she won’t go anywhere, until Rajveer becomes fine. She adds that it’s her battle so she will fight. Beeji tells her to fight and leaves from there.

Doctor tells Ravinder that Rajveer is not responding and if it continued then he may go into coma. He asks them to talk to Rajveer. Harman talks to Rajveer but no responds from him. Doctor asks them to bring Ajooni because Rajveer murmured Ajooni’s name before going unconscious. Ravinder tells Harman to bring Ajooni.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ravinder throws Ajooni out of the house. Ajooni tells Beeji that she won’t leave the house until Rajveer asks her to leave.

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