Ajooni 31st March 2023 Written Update: Shanky attempts to kill Rajveer

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Episode begins with Ravinder tauntingly says that mother and daughter jodi is best. He says that he is tired of all this. He asks Bebe to do whatever she want to do with Harman and Dolly. Bebe tells Aman to bring gum bucket and silk cotton. She orders Harman and Dolly to hold each other’s ears. She scolds them. She makes them apply gum on their face and then silk cotton. Ravinder praises Bebe’s punishment. He says that he should send Harman and Dolly’s photos for beauty contest. He taunts them. He orders them to dance like a bird.

On the other hand, Rajveer finds his friend and unties him. He asks his friend that who kidnapped him. His friend tells him that he could not see anyone’s face because they tied his eyes and voice was new too. Rajveer wonders that why kidnappers left his friend. Shanky overhears their conversation. He aims to shoot Rajveer. But he shoots Tejender by mistake. Rajveer leaves from there with his friend. Shanky runs to Tejender.

Rajveer and his friend tells everything to Ravinder. Rajveer says that it’s pre planned for sure. Ravinder learns that Tejender got shot and he tells about it to Rajveer. He asks his son to find out the whole matter.

Doctor tells Kaveri that Tejender is fine now and they should admit Tejender in the hospital. Shanky sends doctor from there. Kaveri blames Shanky for everything. Shanky tells her that he tried to kill Rajveer and it’s Tejender who ruined his plan. She tells him that Tejender came to stop Shanky. He yells at her for caring about Rajveer. He blames her for Tejender’s condition. He says that he won’t spare Rajveer and leaves from there.

Harman and Dolly says that Aman preparing the same dishes every day. Aman tells them that Ravinder likes these dishes. Harman tells Aman that Ravinder expects new dishes from Aman. She lies that Ravinder likes Chinese dish. She asks her to make chicken manchurian for Ravinder. Aman says that she don’t know to make that. Dolly tells her to seek Ajooni’s help. Aman leaves the kitchen.

After some time, Aman brings Ajooni to the kitchen. She says that she want to make Chinese dish for Ravinder. Ajooni teaches Aman. And Aman makes food. They goes to check the recipe on book. Dolly changes the ingredient. Ajooni searches the recipe book. She sends Aman to the kitchen. She finds the recipe book and moves towards the kitchen. Aman switch on the mixer and falls down due to blast.

Later, Ravinder asks Ajooni that what happened. Ajooni tells him that Aman was using the mixer and blast happened. She says that she went to bring recipe book. Ravinder learns that Aman changed the dish because Harman told Aman that he likes Chinese food. He says that he is sure Harman and Dolly are behind this. And he decides to punish them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dolly executes her plan to kill Ajooni.

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