Ajooni 4th February 2023 Written Update: Tantrika gets exposed


Ajooni 4th February 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Rajveer says that Shikha walked on hot coal because she is pure so even Ajooni is pure and she will give agni pariksha too. Tantrika asks Ajooni to walk on hot coal. She says that she will prove who is pure and who is cursed. Rajveer taunts her. She scolds him. She says that this is pure hot coal so cursed people will die if they stepped on it then. She signals at her assistant. Ajooni’s duppata catch fire before she step on hot coal. Rajveer saves her. Tantrika says that she already said it’s pure hot coal. Rajveer asks Badshah that what is all this.

Badshah finds powder in Tantrika’s assistant. He explains that why Ajooni’s duppata caught fire. Rajveer says that he will walk on hot coal to prove their trick. Tantrika’s assistant tries to stop him but fails. Rajveer falls on hot coal but nothing happened to him. He gives few coal to Bebe and tells her that these are fake ones. Ajooni tells Bebe and Harman that Tantrika was taking advantage of their fear. Badshah agrees with her. Harman asks that then why all those incidents happened in their house.

Rajveer takes remote from Tantrika’s assistant bag and he proves that why wooden stick pointed at Ajooni. Bebe asks him about water tap and coconut incident. Rajveer mixes a powder in water and it turns red. Ajooni says that this is simple chemistry. She tells Aman that same thing happened with guava too. Harman asks that who wrote threat on the mirror.

Badshah creates smoke. Rajveer brings a guy and says that it’s him who wrote that threat on the mirror using smoke situation. He reveals that that guy works for Tantrika. That guy apologizes to them and says that Tantrika gave money to them to do that. Tantrika asks him to stop talking nonsense. She is about to attack him but Badshah makes her paralysed. Ravinder says that Tantrika become like Chamko and laughs. Rajveer tells him that even Tantrika used this powder on Chamko. Badshah gives water to Tantrika and she becomes fine. Ajooni tells Baggas that it’s not magic but science. She says that public fails to differentiate between truth and lie in fear and Tantrika kind of people takes advantage of that fear.

Tantrika’s assistant asks them to stop insulting. He orders his men to beat Baggas. Rajveer and Ravinder beat them up. Tantrika drags Shikha aside and blames her for everything. She demands money from her. Shikha says that she said she will give once work gets over but that did not happen. Tantrika’s assistant tells Tantrika about police arrival. Tantrika threatens to expose Shikha and runs from there. Shikha lies to Ravinder that she tried to stop Tantrika but Tantrika escaped. Police inspector says that his team will catch Tantrika. Ravinder praises Rajveer and Ajooni. Bebe realises her mistake.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ravinder asks Rajveer and Ajooni to start their family. He wonders that who is behind poha and soil matter.

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