Ali Baba- Dastaan-E-Kabul 18th November 2022 Written Update: Ali escapes from the cave being one of the thieves


Ali Baba- Dastaan-E-Kabul 18th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with thieves finding Ali with Simsim’s help. They start beating him cruelly and he falls unconscious. Simsim says finally the magician is dead. They are about to celebrate their victory but Ali recalls Mariam’s words and somehow gets up. He tries to escape and Simsim throws an arrow at his leg. He gets hurt but still leaves. Simsim smiles saying he can’t run away as thieves won’t let him go. Ali hides seeing the thieves, they search for him. Ali hisses in pain and says he cant survive for long without using magic. He thinks he is going to die.

Ali’s kids don’t feel hungry and worry for Ali. Nazia enjoys the food and asks them to eat. Kids praise her cooking. Ali says he cant give up like that, he has to fight back. One thief hears Ali’s voice and goes to check if he is there. Ali hides from him and blood drips from his leg. He gets nervous and the thief leaves. Ali says he has to escape from this cave. Mariam attacks the guards where Kartar is living. Thieves inform Simsim that they couldn’t find Ali yet, she says he cant go anywhere but they will snatch the Talisman from his dead body if he dies out of hunger. She adds he can’t escape as there’s only one way to go out which she locked. Ali lays on ground and tries to gather strength to wake up. He misses his children and says Mustafa’s son can’t die this way.

Ali’s kids get tensed for him and they feel why they are getting sad for him suddenly, Poya says he doesnt want to eat without him. Zarifa and Khusro tell the kids to eat something else Ali will be upset. Ali went out for some urgent work only. He has lots of duties. Ali recalls the wishes of his children, and says he has to fulfil them. He recalls Mariam’s advise that he needs to use his brain to handle difficult situations. Ali gets up and thinks he should find out a solution. He says he will use Simsim’s magic to escape from the cave. Thieves are still searching and Ali challenges one thief to take away the talisman from him. Ali defeats the thief using the latter’s magic. He disguises himself like the thief and fools other thieves saying Ali ran away. He gets out of the cave and smiles at them. Thieves get mad at him.

Precap- Simsim orders the thieves to kill Parbaaz people to find the magician. Ali says to defeat him they need to know the real magic.

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