Anandibaa Aur Emily Upcoming Story: Emily to get suspicious!

Anandibaa Aur Emily

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The peculiar twist in the tale of Star Plus popular daily soap “Anandibaa Aur Emily” is enthralling the audiences. Previously, Aarav determined to save his marriage with Emily and went outside the house in order to avoid encounter with Jaibala.

But, the latter found Aarav and got along with him. He left Emily behind and brought Jaibala to the house. Whereas, Emily got confused seeing his behaviour and decided to confront him.

In the current track, Gulab and Kanchan tries to hide Emily from Jaibala but the latter enters from the front gate. Anandibaa immediately sends Jaibala inside her room and scolds Gulab and Kanchan for not bringing Emily through the back door. She ask the latter to stay inside her room while Emily gets confused.

Here, Emily questions Anandibaa and other family members about the matter. She also tells about the strange behaviour of Aarav and questions about him. She says that she needs answers from him, while Kanchan lies to her that he is inside the room.

Emily goes to find Aarav, while Jaibala comes there and tells about his sleeping patterns to Anandibaa. She ask if the latter will have any problem with sharing room with her? To which she will reply negatively.

Ahead, Emily doesn’t find Aarav and again comes back downstairs while Anandibaa sends Jaibala inside the room. Emily questions about her while Anandibaa advice her to stay away from Jaibala. Whereas, Emily ask Kanchan for lying about Aarav, while the latter again sends her inside the room.

Emily sees Aarav and confronts him for his strange behaviour, to which he makes up an excuse and lies to her. Whereas, she feels bad for spoiling his surprise. They both shares an eyelock, while Aarav keeps hiding things from Emily.

Later, Jaibala insists Anandibaa to show Emily’s face while the latter gets worried. Gunjan shows her fake concern towards Anandibaa, while Pinky gets disappointed as their plan doesn’t go well.

Gunjan tells about face revealing ceremony of Emily to Jaibala and assures that she can see the latter on the function, while Anandibaa gets shocked.

Now in the upcoming episode, Gunjan will plan to reveal Emily’s face in front of Jaibala, while Pinky will say that it will happen only if Emily will come in front of Jaibala. Whereas, Emily will serve food to Sanghanis and Jaibala, wearing a veil to cover her face. Meanwhile, Gunjan will start a fan and moves it towards Emily, making her veil fly in order to uncover her face.

Jaibala will see Emily and gets stunned. She will confront Anandibaa for bringing a foreigner daughter-in-law.

Will Aarav be able to save his wedding?

Will Emily be able to impress Jaibala?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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