Anupama 28th December 2023 Written Update: Adaya hates Anupama


Anupama 28th December 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, a fire alarm rings. Vikram saves Anupama from Yashpal’s anger. He tells Anupama about the fire alarm and asks her to pray in the corner. Anupama demands the Tulsi plant. Vikram tells Anupama that he will get it for her. He asks Anupama to do the prayer outside. Anupama lights the lamp outside. She prays for everyone’s goodness.

Shruti and Aadya go to the workplace of Anupama. Aadya asks Shruti if she is here to have chole bhature. Shruti tells her to get her luggage that got exchanged. She asks Aadya if she will come inside. Aadya says she will wait. 

Anuj prays to God to return Anu’s innocence. He thinks Anu has grown up with difficulty, but he wants his daughter back. Anuj remembers Anupama. He wonders why his past is haunting. Anuj decides to move on in his life. 

Shruti returns Anupama’s luggage. Anupama thanks Shruti. She asks Shruti if she needs anything. Shruti tells Anupama that her daughter is waiting outside and she has to go. She tells her daughter has a competition today. Anupama sees Anu from behind. She thinks Anu might have grown up. Anupama gives an auspicious sweet to Shruti to give to her daughter. Shruti likes Anupama’s positive aura. 

Anupama misses Anu. Dimple bumps into Titu. She asks Titu to stop following her. Dimple asks Titu not to increase her problems. Titu follows Dimple. Anupama prepares tea. Vikram likes the tea by Anupama. Anupama remembers Anuj. Vikram inquires about Anupama’s family. Anupama tells how her family and children got busy in their lives; thus, she came to the USA. Vikram misses his family too. 

Anupama asks Vikram how she will get a new passport. Vikram decides to help Anupama. Dimple asks Titu to understand not to follow her. She fears Vanraj. Titu asks Dimple to give her time to express her emotions. Dimple asks Titu to leave. Titu asks Dimple if she hasn’t missed him in the past five years. Dimple chose not to reply. Titu thinks he has his answer.

Yashpal visited his cafe. He questions who made the masala tea. Vikram says Yashpal has a good smelling capacity. -Episode Ends

Precap:  Anuj and Shruti visit Anupama’s cafe. Anu gets shocked to see Anupama. Anupama bumps into Anu. Anuj tastes the tea and remembers Anupama.