Anupamaa Upcoming Story: Anupamaa gets a job offer

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Episode begins with Vanraj asks Anupamaa to not say sorry, because she does what she wants to do and says sorry at end. He says he is not angry but he is tired of everything, he says everything has limits. Next day, Anupamaa asks Jilmil to put the dustbin outside. Jilmil shocks seeing the trophy in dustbin, and says mistakenly Anupamaa put the trophy in dustbin. Anupamaa says she is trying to rectify her mistake, and asks Jilmil to take that trophy if she wants. Leela’s brother reaches Vanraj’s house. Anupamaa takes blessing from him. Leela’s brother says whenever Leela and Jayesh fights with each other Jayesh goes to Leela’s house and he has to come here to tolerate Leela’s tantrums. Jilmil says she will take the trophy to her home , when this trophy will get place in this house that time she will return it.

Vanraj sees Paritosh doing exercise and praises him and taunts Samar. Paritosh asks Samar to respect him as his old brother. Samar says Paritosh too doesn’t values Anupamaa. Paritosh says he gives mothers day card to Anupamaa everyday. Samar asks what about remaining days of the year, he just breaks her heart. He says every child would have felt guilty for ignoring their mothers that’s why they created mothers day. Paritosh gets emotional and hugs Anupamaa. He thanks her for arranging his cupboard yesterday.

Leela’s brother teases Leela. Leela taunts Anupamaa saying she talks to her mother at least ten times per day. Leela’s brother praises Vanraj’s fitness and says he too used to look like him. Leela gets confused hearing him. He says she forgot everything. Vanraj praises the dhokla Anupamaa made. Samar says then Anupamaa did right by putting stall at school. Vanraj says Samar should understand the difference between hobby and career first and later he can become lawyer for others. Paritosh says he too advised him but Samar never listened him. Samar says no one wants to understand him.

Vanraj gets call from Pakhi’s school. He informs his family that they offered job for Anupamaa. Everyone shocks hearing him, Samar gets happy. Anupamaa says he would have misunderstood them. He says for extra curriculuar activity Principal wants Anupamaa to take cooking class. Samar gets excited and Pakhi nervous. Vanraj says she has to attend school for three days in a week. Pakhi asks her to deny the offer. Samar asks her to stop being selfish. Paritosh says Anupamaa can’t do she lacks confident so she should reject the offer. Leela’s brother says it’s just for two hours and the opportunity is good too so she should do.

Leela asks who will do household works in that two hours. Vanraj asks her that can she balance between work and home. He asks her to tell, he is getting late for office. Samar signs her to say yes. Anupamaa says she can’t do and leaves from there. Anupamaa’s family members comes to see Anupamaa. Vanraj informs Kavya about the job offer Anupamaa got and her rejection. Kavya asks why she rejected. Vanraj says cooking in kitchen and taking class for students is different. She says Anupamaa proved yesterday that she can do anything. He says Anupamaa denied the offer and Pakhi too doesn’t wants her to do the job then what can he do. She says he is supportive for his daughter, sister and colleague but when it comes to his wife why he behaves differently. She asks why he behaves like a typical indian husband who wants to see his wife in kitchen only.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kavya asks Anupamaa to accept the job offer. Anupamaa says she will do the job.

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