Appnapan 2 16th November 2022 Written Update: Pallavi and Nick’s reunion


Appnapan 2 16th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Sonali recieving a message from Pallavi. Everyone checked the message and gets shocked to see her confession video. Sonali says that it’s a lie. Someone trying to frame her. She shouts Pallavi’s name. Pallavi comes there. Sonali mistakenly falls on Pallavi’s feet. Pallavi asks Sonali how much she stoops low? This is her true face. It’s revealed in front of everyone. Sonali gets shocked to find Karonika, Mayank and Nick there. Sonali tries to talk with Nick but he avoids her. Karonika that she did a mistake by confessing her crime to her. She noticed that Pallavi recording her confession. That is why she stayed quiet there. Her brother suffered a lot in this 17 years. She not only hurted her brother but also her family. Mayank tries to attack Sonali but Karonika stops him. Mayank complaints that he refused to believe that video because he trusted her blindly. He was in jail because of her. She ruined his life.

Nick asks Sonali doesn’t she play a big drama there? He too played a big drama with her. Their wedding is a fake one. Its a surprise. Nick says that she not only played with him but also Karonika and Mayank. What did she think about herself? If she hide Manayak in hotel room it’s hard to fing him? Every hotel has a CCTV camera. She forget about that. He adds that his wife Pallavi left in mandap without saying anything. He was hurt. He learns the truth after see her confession video. She created misunderstanding between them. He demands her to say who is Badal’s father? Sonali mentions Nick name. Nick shouts it’s lie.

Nothing happened between them 18 years before. He doubted why is Pallavi showing this much hate to him? He understood it now that Sonali plays a drama to separate her from him. Because of her Manna and Harsh didn’t get their mom’s love. Sonali is adamant in her stand that he is his son. Nick adds that truth might come out one day in front of everyone. She doesn’t even think what he did yesterday? He apologized to Badal for take his samples without his knowledge to take DNA test. Badal is Mayank’s son. He says to Badal that she made him as her fake father. But he considered him as his son. Sonali apologize to Nick and reveals him that she learnt about her pregnancy. She wanted to abort her baby but time passed. He demands her to apologise to Pallavi. Pallavi complaints that she left her new born baby without mercy. She isn’t deserved to be his mom. She came back to create misunderstanding between her kids for her needs. Pallavi raises her hand to slap her. Badal stops her by saying she may have birth to him but she taught culture to him.

Badal says to Sonali that he decided to stay with his mom. He apologized to Mayank and says to him that he wanted to stay with his mom. Karonika says that she informed to police. Pallavi hugs Badal. He asks her to don’t leave him. He unites Pallavi with Nick. Pallavi apologize to Nick for misunderstanding him. He apologized to her and expressed his happiness to her. They gets happy to see their childrens happily together.

Later, Pallavi says to Nick that she is happy to back to her room. She complaints that he will start messing up the room. Nick says that he will start his naughtiness again. Manna comes there and teases them. Pallavi complaints that he was pretending to be a good husband even in the fake marriage. But he failed to be a good husband. He says to her that he only loves Pallavi in his life. Pallavi complaints to him that he did many service for Sonali. He wants to do the same for her too. She forced him to do leg massage to her. She asks Manna to reveal whatever he did to Sonali. Manna supports her and creates fake story. Pallavi demands him to do everything for her too. Manna takes their picture together. Nick and Pallavi spends a quality time with each other.

Episode end

Precap; Bharkha will ask Manna does she love Ishaan? Ishaan will reveal to Manna that he considering Bharka as his friend but loves Manna.

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