Appnapan 30th June 2022 Written Update: Nandita increases the gap between Pallavi and Harsh!


Appnapan 30th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ranveer panicking and then his broker getting a call. He gets an offer and informs Ranveer. Ranveer says it’s okay. Broker is informed how the staff and management will stay same. Ranveer signs the blank paper and says do the agreement soon. In the jail, Gagan is telling Pallavi how he is innocent. Pallavi tries to calm him. Ranveer comes and pays the amount to police to bail out. Pallavi asks Ranveer about the money. Ranveer says I got a good deal and I sold the restaurant. Police leaves Gagan.

Here, Nick tries to explain Harsh but he is stubborn. Flashback is shown where Harsh as kid wants to stay with Pallavi but Nick says his treatment can be done in the USA only. Pallavi wants to stop Harsh but is unable to. Here, Gagan comes back and neighbours start taunting him. Gagan talks back and they create a scene saying this is the output of being in jail. Pallavi asks them to leave and they go inside. Everyone is happy to see Gagan back. They enjoy.

Harsh is on treadmill and running like anything. Nandita comes and is shocked, she says this much speed is not good for you. Harsh says when I am running my brain doesn’t thinks too much. Nandita says in anger you speak like Pallavi. Harsh says don’t compare me to him. Nandita says she got 50 lakhs in 1 day so shocking, she is a gold digger, she left you and Nick for money only, your dada ji identified Pallavi correctly, and he didn’t give one penny to Nick and she left Nick. Harsh says I will teach her a lesson. Nandita smirks.

Pallavi gives kheer to everyone. Gagan says what is so special, why you hid so much from us. Pallavi says yes my first kid Harsh is back, he is the eldest of all. They all are shocked. Badal says now we all are in India so we will stay together? Barkha says it would be such a different family. Pallavi says none of us will stay together. Gagan says your eldest son complaint about me. They all go. Pallavi cries when Nani calms her. Pallavi says what should I do? I want to think of a new way for Barkha, she broke the relation, I need to fix everything. Nani gives her strength.

Next day, Pallavi comes to the restaurant and says to Lolita how she feels burdened seeing this place getting sold off. Pallavi says I will work hard and repay Ranveer. Lolita sees the name of the restaurant as Nick J and shows Pallavi. Pallavi gets furious and asks the broker about it. Broker says Ranveer said. Pallavi panicks and asks everyone to stop. She falls in the arms of Nick. They both get lost in each other’s eyes and Nick sets her hair. They come out of the moment and Nick says this place now looks better, I don’t need anything of past. Pallavi says what’s the matter with you? Why are you doing it? Nick ignores her. Lolita and Ranveer talk how a big mistake happened due to urgency of selling it off.

Nick says you signed the contract without reading it, nice. Pallavi says again you betrayed us as usual. Nick says you are talking about trust? Your kids are not trusting anyone not even you. Pallavi says atleast their trust won’t get broken like mine. Nick says I have not done anything. Pallavi says you do whatever you want in thia restaurant, but I am leaving. Nick says you can’t do it, according to a clause you all staff have to be here and work here.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pallavi says I will not work here. Next day, everyone is shocked to see Pallavi in a facepack.

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