Appnapan Upcoming Story: How will Nick react to Nandita’s truth?


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Sony’s show Appnapan has a new twist where the custody war begins again between Pallavi and Nick. Pallavi struggles to get a lawyer so she is suggested by many lawyers to remarry.

Seeing Nick have so much money to cater to kids needs, Pallavi takes a shocking decision to marry Ranveer. This upsets the kids and Nick gets more stick upon winning the custody. How will this war bring Pallavi and Nick close?

In the ongoing track, Ranveer stops him and tells the kids how Pallavi became a mother and father both for them but they are always ungrateful to her. Gagan and Barkha both leave and say we won’t stay with Pallavi.

Harsh enjoys this all so Nani slaps him and says how Pallavi always loved him the most and he is doing all this to her. Pallavi gets devasted knowing all her kids went away and don’t want her. Nani tries to calm Pallavi while Harsh says I won today in taking the revenge from you.

Nandita is bought to the hospital where doctor lies to Nick about making Nandita stay for the night. Nick goes to drop Badal till the hospital gate. Badal goes but secretly hears Nick meet a nurse who turns out to be his old friend.

Rajjo asks Nick about Sonali which makes Badal determined to find more on it. Harsh becomes emotional seeing his childhood letters to Pallavi. Nandita calls Harsh and asks him not to be emotional for Pallavi.

Nick hears all this and gets angry. Turns out Nick has not heard anything that Nandita talked about, he is angry as Nandita started using phone and not resting. This relaxes Nandita. Here, Badal talks to Rajjo and arranges pictures of Sonali.

Pallavi goes to the temple and prays to god for returning her kids. Sid tries to force himself on Barkha when Mana comes and beats him. Barkha and Mana bond and they go to Pallavi. Pallavi thanks god for bringing her kids back and wonders where is Gagan. Here, Nandita gets discharged and asks Harsh to fasten the auction.

Pallavi is shocked to know Harsh is planning to sell the items. Barkha and Badal try to stop Harsh but he doesn’t listen. Later, Nick comes to buy the property and Harsh gets shocked.

The kids get happy seeing him save the house. Flashback is shown where Gagan got Nick back. Pallavi faints due to stress, Nick carries her inside and calls doctor. Nick wonders why did Pallavi didn’t tell me?

Nick confronts Nandita on her planning with Harsh. Nandita gets upset and later when Pallavi comes to meet Nick. Nandita manipulates Pallavi saying Nick did all this for winning the custody.

In the upcoming episodes, Pallavi will fear that Nick will take away their kids so she goes to his hotel and remind him on his mistakes.

Will Pallavi be able to stop Nick from returning?

What will Nick do after reading Barkha’s message? Will Pallavi reunite with Nick?

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