Appnapan Upcoming Story: Nick to sneak out to meet Sonali at night?


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A major game change in Appnapan, Sonali decides to switch sides and leave Badal’s side. While the track of the show has become quite interesting, a surprise twist is seen with the entry of Kinno Ma/ Dadi, that is Nick’s mom and her announcement of remarriage of Nick and Pallavi, that has shocked everyone.

Previously in the show, Sonali has come back in Meerut and has joined hands with Nandita. Sonali was seen determined to separate Nick and Pallavi this time. Nandita and Sonali will definitely spice up the lives of Nick and Pallavi!

In today’s episode, Dadi makes Sonali tie a thread on Nick and Pallavi’s hand for them to stay together. Pandit ji asks Sonali to tag along in all the rituals as thread once tied can’t be opened.

Later, the engagement rings fall from Sonali so Mana finds it. Sonali creates a scene to show how she found the rings. Pallavi requests Dadi to make the wedding big so to do it after 2 months. Dadi agrees and announces the same. Later, Pallavi sees Sonali with Badal and gets worried.

Pallavi decides to keep her kids away from Sonali. Ishan keeps on trying to make Mana realise her feelings for him. Ishan hears Mana and Barkha speak about how Barkha wants to get back with Ishan while Mana promises to help.

Ishan gets disheartened to know he and Mana can never get together. Pallavi helps Nick to get better from his acidity problem while Sonali waits for Nick to come out of the room so that she can make some misunderstanding between him and Nick.

Palavi dreams about Nick being with Sonali in Kitchen. Pallavi in reality also finds Nick missing so she goes to Kitchen to find Sonali alone. Sonali cleverly mixes some medicines in her water and Pallavi drinks it all.

In the upcoming episodes, Pallavi will fall ill when Dadi and Nick will get worried for her. During the puja, Sonali will do aarti with Nick. Pallavi will see this and will get shocked.

Later, Pallavi will ask Nick to ask Sonali to leave. Sonali will manipulate Gagan into taking a job. Later, Nick will be shocked to know about Gagan’s accident.

Viewers are definitely in for a big turn of events as Nick and Pallavi abide by Dadi’s new wish and announcement.

Will Nick and Pallavi’s misunderstanding increase further? Will Sonali’s true face come out?

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