Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th December 2023 Written Update: Pammi promises to spoil the marriage


Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th December 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the arrangement in the malhotra house where everyone arranges a grand decoration for the arrival of Kunal from the London. On the other way, Vandana goes to the airport to receive him. But seeing the beauty of Vandana after so many days Kunal couldn’t able to hide his blushing face , he doens’t able to hold the balance of himself and falls on the ground like a fool. Vandana also stares at him magically. They both give flowers to each other.

Though the embarrassment makes their conversation more hesitating, but Kunal asks Vandana about the days which days she spent here alone. Vandana asks Kunal the same question. Seeing their shy proximity, Bobby decides to leave them alone and makes a false excuse so that they could spend sometime with themselves.

Vandana and Kunal proceed to the parking area and board on their car. In the car, Kunal and Vandana also come closer and the proximity between them makes them both more shy and embarrassed. In the midst of the way, a salesman come to them and also asks Kunal to get some gifts for his wife. Kunal gets embarassed and buys the gift for Vandana. Then Kunal plays the song in the car but as it plays the romantic song they both get embarassed. Vandana asks Kunal to stop the song. After a while, Kunal takes a expensive gift from his bag and gives it to Vandana lovingly.

Here, Pammi discusses with Kuldeep how they will stop the marriage of Kunal and Vandana. Pammi is asked to follow the words of him so that they could together stop the marriage of Kunal and Vandana. They plan in which way they could stop the marriage of Vandana without harming Kunal.

When Kunal was returning from London, he was warmly wished by his father when he asked his father Kuldeep pretends to be very with the relationship of Kunal. He pretends of being a responsible father and asks Kunal to take care of Vandana and Tara. The expensive gift was gifted by his father Kuldeep to give Vandana. He also asked Kunal to give the ring with his own hands. Stopping the car, Vandana is warmly gifted the ring with his own hands..

Returning in the house, Vandana and Kunal both get ready for the marriage. Anagha and Hemant both ask the forgiveness from Vandana. Though, Vandana got offended on Hemant and Anagha, but she gives them a last chance.

Episode ends.

Precap : Kuldeep will arrive in the Malhotra house to spoil the marriage of Kunal and Vandana.