Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th November 2023 Written Update: Shivam is manipulated by Anagha


Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kunal who becomes very angry on Vandana as she went to meet Soniya. In the car, Kunal seems very angry on Vandana, as she insisted Tara to meet Soniya. Later, Tara clarifies that Soniya who asked Vandana to meet for once with Tara. Kunal understands the fact. After a while, Tara says she urgently needs to go the pee. Kunal asks her to wait until they reach home, but Tara asks him to drive fast and also she starts blabbering. Kunal doesn’t understand what he should do.

Here, Soniya apologies to Vandana, as she asked her to meet, and for that Kunal insulted her vehemently. Vandana simplifies the facts that Kunal has been going through a lot, and shows the sympathy for Kunal. She also assumes that Kunal has been suffering from some psychological problem, for which he behaves like a goofft man, otherwise he is good human being. Soniya stares at her doubtful, as Indranil once said that a emotional weakness is growing between Vandana and Kunal. She appreciates the changed nature of Kunal, but Vandana accuses Soniya who is the one didn’t indentify the true characteristics of Kunal. Soniya doesn’t say a word.

Vandana asks Soniya to give a detail chart of Tara’s likes and dislikes. Soniya says in spite of being a mother, she wouldn’t take care of Tara. A naany was there. Vandana gets surprised. But she doesn’t judge her.

Here, returning in the house, Kunal forbids Vedika to let meet Tara with Vandana. When she asks the reason, he tells that Vandana took Tara to Soniya. Vertika takes easily, but Kunal tells that the mental attachment which is growing between Tara and Vandana might affect Tara later. Their conversation is overheared by Vandana and feels very bad. Kunal again asks her the same. Vandana is forbidden to pretend as the mother of Tara, as she is not. Vandana promises she would control herself. Before her leaving, Tara runs towards her to hug, but Vandana stands like a rock which hurts Tara.

Here, in the house of Vandana, Anagha washes her own son’s brain, so they could make Vijay agree to sell the house. At first she gives a very expensive toy car to Shivam, and makes him feel greedy. She also shows him the dream to get more toys like these. She asks Shivam to tell his grandfather to sell the house so that they could lead a luxurious life. Following the words of his mother, Shivam goes to his grandfather, and asks him to do so. The words make Vijay and Vandana surprised. But surprisingly Shivan forbids his grandfather to sell the house, and shows his emotions for this house. He prefers family over luxurious life which makes suprised Anagha and Hemant. Seeing the behaviour of Shivam, Hemant proceeds to slap him, but Vandana stops him

Episode ends.