Bade Achche Lagte Hain, 3 Upcoming Story: Shreya’s stupidity to expose her in front of all!

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Sony TV show Bade Achche Lagte Hain, 3 is all set for a big revealation, with Shreya’s evil plan getting exposed in front of everyone. Ram and Priya who are struggling as Shreya got them kidnapped, will finally be seen getting freed from the kidnappers.

Ritika will be seen exposing Shreya. With all these drama happening will Ram’s family still be able to take the properties and steal their business?

In today’s episode, Priya acts like she is unconscious to fool the goons and they let down their gaurd on them. Once the goons go. Priya reveals about her plan to Ram.

Ram gets relieved and also appreciates her idea. Shreya gets to know about police getting to know about the kidnappers so she panics and calls the kidnappers. Goon takes the call on loud speaker which makes Ram and Priya shocked to knoe Shreya was behind all this.

Ritika also hears Shreya talk to the goons, she records it all and then drags her infront of the family to expose her. Shalini gets angry and slaps her. Ram and Priya successfully get an escape and they start running away. They both officially confess their love for each other and hug.

In the upcoming episodes, Ram will open up to Kriti about he doesn’t feel the same about her. Kriti will reveal about their contract marriage infront of the family. Everyone will be shocked.

Ram will worry for Shalini. Priya will handle the matter by explaining to everyone about their marriage turning into a real one and they both started to have feelings for each other.

Will Shreya succeed in her evil plan? Will Shalini be able to find Priya and Ram?

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