Bade Achche Lagte Hain Josh and Samaira’s reality to come infront of Prachi!


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Sony’s Bade Achche Lagte Hain, another small leap of 3 years has happened and viewers are keen to see Raghav’s changed look and behaviour. With, Josh being the sole supporter of Prachi, it will also be interesting to watch how Josh’s true face comes out infront of Prachi and Lakhan with time.

In today’s episode, Prachi doesn’t get any answer on her marriage date from Josh. Lakhan and Monika pray well for Prachi. Later, Josh and Lakhan get invites for ARP party so they all decide to go. Josh is curious to know who they are. In the party, it gets revealed that it’s Pihu,

Raghav and Angad who formed this company. Prachi gets emotional seeing Pihu but is angry to see Raghav. Lakhan also controls his anger. In the party, Pihu tries to open Prachi’s eyes by showing how she has been choosing wrong guys in her life. Prachi tries to prove her point of Raghav being wrong while

Pihu shows how Raghav has moved on and made his life better. Later, Sid indirectly blames Lakhan for the company’s loss while Lakhan points out Josh’s mistake. Lakhan understands Raghav’s talent and supports Raghav’s intention which irks Sid more.

Kiara is mesmerised by the changed Raghav so she calls ARP for dinner. Samaira comes to fund ARP while Josh flirts with her while she asks him to not to do so. Prachi sees this and gets upset thinking Pihu might be right.

In the upcoming episodes, Josh will decide to console an upset Prachi. Prachi will be seen disheartened by what she saw when Josh was with Samaira. Prachi will get emotional.

Josh will try to talk to her and make her understand how she misunderstood her. Prachi will trust Josh. Josh will see Raghav approaching so he will make Prachi say I love you to him. They will hug while Raghav will watch on.

Will Raghav be back in Prachi’s life? How will Angad’s love story finally turn out?

Will Pihu, Raghav and Angad be able to prove themselves?

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