Bade Achche Lagte Hain Upcoming Story: Avni and Lakhan to come closer!


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Sony’s Bade Achche Lagte Hain, has finally taken the long due leap. As much as viewers were excited to see Ram and Priya with their two kids, sadly they have been disappointed with Ram and Priya exiting the show.

Nakul Mehta and Disha Parmar were not ready to play parents to such elder kids. Post leap, makers are expecting some freshness with bringing new characters while also keep the essence of the show alive by characters who have agreed to be part of the show like – Brinda, Adi, Sara, Vikrant and Lakhan.

In today’s episode, Lakhan gets a call from Avni to make Josh and Prachi marry. Pihu overhears and makes a big scene. Pihu asks Prachi not to say yes. Prachi cries as she gets stuck between choosing Lakhan and Pihu. Angad and Raghav also try to tell Prachi not to say yes.

Later, Lakhan gives Raghav the duty to make Prachi fall for Josh. Raghav feels bad but agrees. During the valentine’s day party, Raghav tries to show Josh’s care for Prachi. Here, Avni comes to Kapoor mansion, making things awkward for Lakhan and Monika. Avni agrees to come with family for the rishta tomorrow.

Monika decides to not let this wedding happen at any cost. Till the time the kids return home, Raghav shows how Josh is perfect for Prachi. Later, Prachi confronts Raghav if he is trying to get rid off her.

Raghav denies and shows her a poetry which he wrote for her but he tells Prachi that it’s from Josh. Prachi gets happy and thinks about saying yes to Josh.

Later, Avni and her family come for rishta when Monika plays snart and gets time to manipulate and blackmail Pihu. Prachi says yes to Josh and at the same time Pihu announces to accept Mahir’s proposal.

This shocks everyone. Prachi worries for Pihu and thinks to confront her. Brinda and Adi get worried for Pihu and seeing Angad upset they also get worried for him.

Raghav finds Pihu alone and try to question her about her decision but Pihu says I realised my love for Mahir and this way I can stay in the same house. Raghav doesn’t get convinced by this. Later, Pihu makes herself busy in the work while Prachi just waits to talk to her.

Prachi reveals to Raghav how Prachi hurt someone as she was protecting herself and it was self defence. Someone had a video so Pihu made sure they deleted it as they were at fault. Prachi thinks Mahir is using this to blackmail Pihu.

Later, Raghav takes Mahir’s phone for repair and does screen sharing so Raghav and Angad see Mahir talking to call girls. They think to use this to blackmail Mahir. Mahir gets worried and puts the blame on Kapil who repaired the phone.

Josh suggests Prachi a way to blackmail Mahir by using his friendship. Before the engagement, Prachi pretends to call a friend infront of Mahir and portrays how in a case a guy was blackmailing a girl to marry him and the mother blames the guy completely. Mahir fears if Monika will also put the whole blame on her.

In the upcoming episodes, Raghav will warn Mahir not to marry Pihu as he loves Pihu. Mahir will get afraid.

Will Lakhan be able to raise Pihu and Prachi?

Will Pihu and Prachi keep their parents’ dream alive?

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