Bade Achche Lagte Hain Upcoming Story: Pihu to bring out Josh’s true side infront of Prachi!


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Sony’s Bade Achche Lagte Hain, another small leap of 3 years has happened and viewers are keen to see Raghav’s changed look and behaviour. With, Josh being the sole supporter of Prachi, it will also be interesting to watch how Josh’s true face comes out infront of Prachi and Lakhan with time.

In today’s episode, Pihu brings Raghav and tries to defend but when LK doesn’t agree. Pihu and Angad leave with Raghav giving LK a heart attack. Prachi feels lonely seeing everyone left her. Josh supports her. 3 years leap is taken by the show, showing Prachi writing her diary about her missing Pihu.

Later, Prachi thinks about her changed life, the way Josh has handled the business and her. Prachi goes to office with Lakhan and Lakhan has changed and lives life happily with Monika. Prachi also recignises Monika’s positive behaviour towards her genuinely.

Prachi feels overwhelmed and madly in love with Josh. Josh seems to be least interested in Prachi now as he got the business and money. Josh keeps on delaying his marriage with Prachi giving some or the other excuse, he also flirts with other girls.

Josh is seen confident about a project infront of Lakhan but he loses it to the company Raghav has created with Pihu and Angad. Josh is not knowing about ARP to be Raghav’s company but he is shown upset. He talks rudely with Prachi as well due to this loss.

Prachi doesn’t get any answer on her marriage date from Josh. Lakhan and Monika pray well for Prachi. Later, Josh and Lakhan get invites for ARP party so they all decide to go. Josh is curious to know who they are.

In the party, it gets revealed that it’s Pihu, Raghav and Angad who formed this company. Prachi gets emotional seeing Pihu but is angry to see Raghav. Lakhan also controls his anger.

In the upcoming episodes, Prachi will try to make Pihu understand how she is going against her. Pihu will try showing Prachi the reality how everything is not about him. Pihu will try to show Josh’s reality to Prachi.

Prachi will not agree to Pihu but somehwere in the back of her mind she will be seen thinking about the points Pihu highlighted. Later, Pihu will be seen coming to Raghav to tell him how she can still see love for Prachi in his eyes. Raghav will not deny it and stay silent.

Will Raghav be back in Prachi’s life? How will Angad’s love story finally turn out?

Will Pihu, Raghav and Angad be able to prove themselves?

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