Bade Achche Lagte Hain Upcoming Story: Priya and Ram to have another misunderstanding!


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In Bade Achche Lagte Hain, with Ram and Priya having a rough phase due to misunderstandings created by Nandini and Vedika, Ram finally speaks up and asks Vedika to leave the Kapoor mansion. It will be interesting to watch what is in store for the couple Ram and Priya?

In the on going track, Priya tells Ram that their marriage is a conditional marriage so not to expect love from it. Ram shares what Priya said with his friends. They console him and Brinda asks Ram to give Priya reassurance. Later, Vedika makes Ram think how things would have been sorted if Ram and she got married. Ram thinks about it the whole day and stays lost in his thoughts. Later, Akki gets blamed by Nandini and Shubham for stealing. Priya defends Akki and even Ram comes to ask everyone not to blame Akki. He makes Shubham apologies to him.

Ram also asks Vedika to go to the villa Shashi has given her. Vedika and Nandini feel enraged. Ram and Priya do the holika puja where Sara tries to convince Priya how much Ram loves her. Sara also comes to Ram telling him that Priya is just afraid of expressing her feelings. Ram and Nandini have a deep talk where Ram says he cares about Priya and won’t let Priya get hurt due to Vedika’s action. Nandini feels devasted to see her plan fail.

Later, Vedika leaves to her villa and Ram doesn’t even go to drop her. Priya and Ram do tie and dye on the saree Ram gifted Priya and share some close moments. Vedika feels agitated and anxious. She tries calling Nandini but gets no response so she gets more upset. Maitri thinks Priya to be Ram and reveals how Vedika is his ex. Priya gets devasted while Priya and Sara hear it from outside.

In the upcoming episodes, Ram and Priya will play holi while Priya drinks Bhaang.

Will allegation on Akki increase issues for Ram and Priya? Will Vedika be successful in her mission?

Will Priya put forward her doubts infront of Ram? How will Ram and Priya patch up?

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