Bade Achche Lagte Hain Upcoming Story: Ram to fire Shubham from the company!


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A shocking twist in Sony’s Bade Achche Lagte Hain. Priya is all set to succeed in her plans of making Ram remember her and Pihu. Viewers are also enjoying this new avataar of Priya as Lovely, Ram’s PA.

Earlier, Ram lost his memory in the car accident. Ram’s memory is stuck to the day when Vedika married Sashi. Pihu and Priya were seen sad but then they decided to make Ram remember everything. Priya decides to enter Ram’s life as his PA and slowly make her way to him.

In today’s episode, Ram decides to help Pihu and not go to the meeting as Priya convinces him to let Shubham learn as it’s his project. This leaves Shubham angry on Ram as they lose the client. As it becomes late at night, Ram suggests Priya to have dinner together in Sara’s cafe. Priya agrees.

They both have dinner together when Nandini calls to ask Ram about why he did not go to help Shubham. Ram makes his points very clear about making Shubham independent. Nandini gets shocked to see this side of Ram.

Later, Ram and Priya have a heart to heart where Priya gives Ram examples of when Pihu first started to write on her own. The story makes Ram believe in making Shubham independent for his good. Next day, Ram gives Shubham another chance with Mr. Singhania.

Pihu requests Priya to make her meet Ram but Priya refuses saying it’s weekend. Seeing Pihu sad, Priya agrees and calls Ram asking him for some paperwork. Ram gets to know Pihu is alone at home so he asks Lovely to bring Pihu with her to office.

Priya and Pihu reach office. Vikrant and Adi make sure Shubham doesn’t see Pihu. Shubham makes a scene in office knowing Lovely is rehired. Shubham talks ill for Shubham and Vikrant.

Ram gets shocked seeing Shubham abuse Adi and Vikrant so he asks Shubham to chose between apologising to them or leave the company. Shubham doesn’t apologies as he listens to his ego.

In the upcoming episodes, Nandini will get to know Priya is Lovely so Nandini will ask Ram to chose between her and Pihu. Ram will say silent.

Priya’s determination and her plan is surely seem to be working and Ram is able to recall his past moments, but will Nandini interrupt Priya’s plan?

Will Pihu be able to get her father’s love back?

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