Bade Achche Lagte Hain Upcoming Story: Will Priya be able to instigate Ram against Shubham?


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A shocking twist in Sony’s Bade Achche Lagte Hain. Priya is all set to succeed in her plans of making Ram remember her and Pihu. Viewers are also enjoying this new avataar of Priya as Lovely, Ram’s PA.

Earlier, Ram lost his memory in the car accident. Ram’s memory is stuck to the day when Vedika married Sashi. Pihu and Priya were seen sad but then they decided to make Ram remember everything. Priya decides to enter Ram’s life as his PA and slowly make her way to him.

In today’s episode, Vedika gets determined to find about the secret of Nandini and Ram’s birth mother. Next day, Ram decides to sneak out of the house before Priya could see him but he meets Krish and becomes curious about who he is. Ram takes leave but he can not stop thinking about Krish and Priya.

Ram comes back to take some breakfast in order to watch what Krish and Priya are doing but he unables to figure out who is Krish to Priya. Later, Priya plans to make Ram cancel on Shubham’s meeting.

Pihu calls Ram to ask him to help her in her competition. Ram readily agrees and cancels all his meetings. Priya takes help from Adi and Vikrant to instigate Shubham indirectly on how he won’t be able to handle the meeting alone. Shubham gets angry and decides to do the meeting without Ram.

Sid finds something fishy in the matter as if someone is deliberately trying to ruin things for Shubham. Later, the client is unhappy with Shubham and when he tries to call Ram to ask him to come.

Ram decides to help Pihu and not go as Priya convinces him to let Shubham learn as it’s his project. This leaves Shubham angry on Ram as they lose the client. As it becomes late at night, Ram suggests Priya to have dinner together in Sara’s cafe. Priya agrees.

In the upcoming episodes, Ram will see Shubham speak with him in disrespect so he thinks to make him understand. Ram will ask Priya about her husband leaving Priya shocked.

Priya’s determination and her plan is surely seem to be working and Ram is able to recall his past moments, but will Nandini interrupt Priya’s plan?

Will Pihu be able to get her father’s love back?

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