Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 11th July 2022 Written Update: Pihu plans a surprise visit to Ram!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 11th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pihu thinking how she behaved wrongly and Priya is right that I did wrong, he is not that bad, Meera also asked me to say sorry. Pihu says idea, I will make a sorry card and go to give him. Pihu makes a sorry card and says I will go to Maitri and ask her to take to Kapoor mansion. Pihu just realises she wrote Mr. Khadoos so she decides to make another card and write Mr. Kapoor. Pihu goes to Maitri and and asks for paper. Maitri says okay. Just then Maitri starts feeling pain so she asks Pihu to call Neeraj. Pihu calls Neeraj. Neeraj calls the hospital.

Here, Kanika says we don’t know what happened in the mall, how can we trust her, and see Priya has no sindoor in her forehead. Nandini says why are you saying this? Minister says Kanika is right, why isn’t she wearing sindoor? It’s all a drama to get the deal.

Ishan says no it’s not a drama, there is a ritual where RK will fill Maasi’s forehead from devi ma’s feet, Nani said. Everyone is shocked. Vedika whispers to Nandini how now this will also happen. Meera says I gave a word and prayed for Priya and Ram to get together and then Ram will put devi ma’s sindoor on Priya’s forehead. Meera goes to bring sindoor. Media gets excited. Nandini goes to Meera and calls her a planner as she planned it all from very long. Meera says god has decided all the faith and what will happen.

Nandini says I will not let Priya and Pihu come back to their lives. Meera says you won’t be able to control it. Here, Adi and Shubham ask Ram and Priya to do it as media is capturing them. Sara asks Priya not to do. Vedika also gives disapproval. Priya says ask Pihu once if she is watching the TV. Sara says no I reminded Maitri too. Priya says then I have no issues just let’s get it over with. Ram says I also don’t want to put the sindoor. Shubham says but then we will have to go to jail.

Here, doctor checks Maitri. Pihu prays for Maitri’s health. Neeraj blames Pihu while Pihu says sorry to her and brings water and fruits. Neeraj asks Maitri to rest. Pihu says you can rest, I am here only. Maitri says if you will require anything do come to my room. They go inside. Pihu asks the doctor if she can drop her at Kapoor mansion. Doctor asks how do you know Ram? Pihu says I am his daughter. Doctor says you have same eyes as him. Pihu says sorry to god for lying.

Sara worries and shares with Vikram. Vikram says everything is happening as god wants it. Pihu reaches Kapoor mansion and thinks soon all this will be over and she and Priya will go on another adventure. She is stopped by the gaurds. One gaurd says let the child go while the other one fears Ram so he forbids her to go inside. Pihu thinks I need to do something.

Here, Ram and Priya stand eye to eye and get reminded of their marriage day. The media covers them. Priya thinks I think this is my day, asI love you and my relation with you is true, now I can live my life with this memory, no matter what you feel about me but this moment is special for me. Ram thinks why are you doing this? Is this to reduce your guilt? When you are with Krish then why are you doing this? We shared such a beautiful relationship and you cheated me, and this won’t change the pain you gave me, you owe me my life.

Priya thinks I am wrong, he must have moved on in his life. Priya says do it fast after this you can move on and get the deal while I can leave too. Ram says yes with Krish and your daughter. Brinda says I don’t feel good about it, I feel it’s too much. Sandy says let’s just hope it happens as we planned. Adi and Shubham go to Ministers and show them Ram and Priya have love for each other and Ram is a family man.

Kanika says but Ram hasn’t filled the sindoor. Ishan days to Meera how so many miracles are happening. They smile. Vedika and Nandini talk about how much irritating this situation is and they can’t tolerate it. Ram takes the sindoor and puts it on Priya’s forehead. Vedika and Nandini are shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram wipes the sindoor from Priya’s nose. Pihu sees it. Priya faints. Ram holds her. Pihu asks Ram to get away. Minister calls it all a drama. Ram gets angry and says how can you be so sensitive, Priya is not coming into senses.