Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 11th October 2022 Written Update: Nandini creates misunderstandings between Ram and Pihu!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 11th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sandy bringing food. Vikrant asks her to sit for taking mock interview. Ram thinks to do something for making Pihu’s nervousness go. Ram says we will play a game where you and Priya will get to eat whoever gives the right answer. Priya says why me? You play as you like to eat. Pihu and Ram say how rude. Pihu thinks it will be fun to play. They start the game. Pihu, Priya and Ram all of them say wrong answers thinking they will have to eat and their fast will break. Adi and Vikrant will be shocked with everyone telling the wrong answers. Ram says let’s go for interview, I will take Pihu with me as Nandini has a surprise for her and then Nandini also wants to accompany her. Priya thinks I hope this is not part of her plan. Priya agrees.

Ram brings Pihu to Nandini. Nandini takes Pihu to make her ready. Vedika also goes to help her. Nandini makes Pihu wear a dress and then asks Vedika to bring the new watch and belt. Vedika puts the chip on watch and belt. Nandini thinks now it will be fun to watch Pihu fail the interview. Nandini thinks we have added itching powder on this chip so it comes off at the right time. Here, Priya gets ready. Sara asks Priya to eat something. Sandy says she has kept fast, I have noticed. Sara says if you really feel for Ram then unite with him. Priya says it can’t happen as Ram still believes I am the reason for conflict in their family so nothing can be normal as they will still make things difficult for me and Pihu. Priya says I am going to get late so I am going. She leaves. Sara and Sandy pray for doing some miracle to unite Priya with Ram. Just then Ishan comes and Sara gets surprised. Ishan says I wanted to surprise you so I planned this with Sandy. Sara becomes very happy.

Here, Pihu, Nandini, Ram and Priya come for interview. The principal makes Pihu comfortable and says I will ask some questions. Pihu answers all the questions correctly. Nandini thinks the chits to get out soon for the drama to begin. The principal offers toffee when Pihu tries to take it the chits fall. The principal sees it and gets angry saying Pihu did cheating. Ram and Priya tries to tell her how Pihu can’t cheat. Ram calms Priya and says the principal is just saying because of the proof. Pihu says I am not a cheater. Pihu runs out. Priya follows her. Pihu cries while Priya calms her and asks her not to worry as I trust you. Priya says I will bring juice for you. Priya hears Nandini talk to Ram about Pihu cheating and how people will talk about it. Priya says Pihu didn’t cheat. Nandini says you won’t agree but children with single parents tend to go wrong way. Ram asks some time from Nandini so she goes. Nandini thinks now they will fight for sure.

Priya tries to explain Ram how Pihu has not cheated. Ram says maybe she got nervous and she did, we should make her understand so that she doesn’t repeat. Pihu comes there and says you don’t trust me? She cries. Ram says no it’s not like that. Pihu faints while Ram holds her. They both worry and rush her to hospital. Doctor says she is having weakness and she has not eaten anything so she is having dehydration. Priya asks Pihu you have not eaten anything? Pihu says no. Ram says but Nandini fed you? Pihu says no I told her I will eat. Priya says so because of hunger you couldn’t answer the questions. Pihu nods. Priya says why did you keep fast? Pihu says because I want you both to come together. Ram and Priya look at each other. Priya says I will find out who planted those chits. Ram says we will find it together. Pihu reveals how Priya always keeps fast for him. Ram gets surprised.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shubham taunts Priya on Pihu’s cheating. Ram gets angry and slaps Shubham.

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