Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th March 2023 Written Update: A shocker for Prachi


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prachi asking Josh if he is interested in marrying her or not. Josh asks her to not force him and says he is already stressed as new company people snatched the project.

Prachi asks him to not worry. On another side, Monika and Lakhan discuss how Josh is avoiding the topic of marriage and lying while Prachi is madly in love. Monika says Prachi loves Raghav’s poetry but she won’t understand. They play soothing music.

Josh asks Prachi if she believed in his love. Prachi says I love you and I can’t even imagine leaving you.

Pavan gives an invitation to Lakhan and Monika. Monika reads its invitation from Arp. Lakhan says they are the ones who got the deal. He calls Vikrant to know who they are but Vikrant says they are private people and no one knows about them. Prachi sees the invitation and sees they arranged the party near their place and realises that they are the ones who have taken the property on lease.

Josh sees Arp’s invitation. He and Kiara decide to attend to know who they are. Prachi calls him but she receives a busy tone. She messages Josh and receives an immediate reply. She goes to Josh’s house with dresses. Kiara takes Prachi’s pendant. Josh says he tensed thinking about business when Prachi tries to motivate him. Josh says I am tired of these talks. Prachi feels bad.

Prachi takes care of every small detail of Josh. Josh calls Minny and asks if she is coming. She says she is coming not for him and advises him to leave Prachi if he doesn’t like her. Later everyone goes to the Arp party. Prachi hears poetry lines and realises she knows it.

The manager announces that Arp will be here soon. The server pours juice on Prachi’s dress. Prachi signs Monika that she is fine and goes to the room to clean her dress. She sees Raghav’s poetry on the wall. She gets tears. She sees Raghav in the mirror and trips. Raghav holds her. Prachi runs from there in fear.

Prachi says to Josh that they have to leave. That time Pihu comes there and says Arp is a firm of 3 people and P is Pihu. She calls Angad and says A means Angad. They say the 3rd one is the heart of their firm and we reached this position by crossing the hurdles and he is none other than Raghav Arora.

Everyone gets shocked knowing ARP means Angad, Raghav, and Pihu. Raghav says he is here because of the people who hate him and pull him down. He says they rise from the ash and says he wants to thank the people who ruined him. He thanks Lakhan. Monika controls Lakhan. Kiara tells her brother that Raghav is hot.

Josh asks her to stop it. Prachi tells Josh that Raghav is back to take his revenge. Vikrant asks Angad why they didn’t tell them. He asks if his father knows about it. Angad says he learned to hide the secrets of friends from them.

Prachi takes Pihu aside and asks Pihu to understand her and says Raghav is back for revenge and why you’re supporting the person who tried to ruin me and our family. Pihu says Raghav is not interested in you and your life. She asks her to stop giving so much importance to you as he forgot all of you 3 years back when you guys insulted him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pihu asks Prachi to see the reality of Josh opening her eyes. Later Pihu tells Raghav that she knows that he loves Prachi and he still feels for her.

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