Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st February 2023 Written Update: Swati returns in Priya’s life!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st February 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Avni says I want Priya to make me ready as a bride. Ram comes and says then you will be a very boring bride so take some other advise. Yash says I am sure Priya will do great. Brinda and Sara come so Ram tells them the situation. Brinda says it will be best if Priya only does it. Sara says no, Priya’s dressing sense is very normal, we only had to make her ready for her first date. Ram says who was that unfortunate guy? He laughs. Brinda says you also left your first date unattended. They all laugh. Avni says I want Priya to make me ready. Brinda says great. Yash praises Ram’s family value system. Ram says this is the least I can do as my mom and brother did wrong to you. Here, Lakhan is sitting alone when Swati comes to meet him when Lakhan says I don’t want to meet her.

Swati says I am coming to meet you everyday please talk to me what have I done? Lakhan says how are you? Swati says I have come to get you out as Avni is marrying and I want you two to unite. Lakhan says Are you happy staying with Ram in a big house? Lakhan says atleast my sacrifice should go well. Swati says I never went to him, I am here for you why are you saying this? Lakhan says Nandini showed me the video where you said you like Ram better than me, it’s logical as I am no one. Swati says it’s not so.

Here, Priya requests Adi to make her meet Lakhan. Adi says okay I won’t tell Ram. Ram says what you won’t say? Where does Priya want to go? Adi says to temple, let her go I will take care. Ram says okay if Priya wants this. Here, Swati says I can never say this for you, Nandini just trapped me, I said all this as I was playing reverse psychology with her as Priya said she will help me bring Nandini’s truth out, I love you. Lakhan says only you and Avni are most precious to me when I got that video I got disheartened, this is all Ram’s fault. Swati says Ram is also as pure as you, you just didn’t get any time to know him, I wish my sons got good bonding time together. Swati cries.

At night, Ram asks Priya not to take tension and go to temple. Priya says see how so many things happened with Nandini’s truth getting revealed then Swati coming back it was a roller coaster ride. Priya asks like you forgave Nandini can’t you forgive Swati? Ram says I haven’t forgiven Nandini and I can never. Priya says what if someone is blackmailing Swati like Nandini did to me. Ram says please don’t talk about this already your pregnancy is complicated. Priya thinks I will bring out the truth tomorrow. Next day, Priya goes to pick Avni for a parlour but Nandini and Sid come to take her instead. Priya then pretends to receive a call from Swati and dsays she is free to meet and discuss about who is blackmailing you. Nandini fears and Nandini them asks Priya only to take her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Avni goes missing. Priya makes Swati confess the truth.

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