Baghin Upcoming Story: Agni disguises as an old woman!

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In the latest episode, Gouri wakes upin the middle of the night and becomes restless seeing the moon. She sees that Deva is sleeping while sitting on the couch.

She goes out to the hall for some reason and finds an old woman waiting for her. As she sees the woman she asks what she is doing in the Haveli at this hour of the night and if she needs anything. The woman is actually Agni in disguise. She starts sprinkling something over Gouri that makes her feel uncomfortable.

Deva wakes up and sees that Gouri is not there in his room so he goes out to find her. As goes out, he finds the old woman laughing and Gouri behaving differently. He holds the woman’s hand but she bends his hand and uses her powers on him.

After sometime he falls down there unconscious and Gouri also lies there in front of the mandir. Agni goes to Shamsher’s room in his new avatar and wakes up Shamsher.
Gouri takes Deva inside and tends to his wounds and takes care of him.

After telling Shamsher the entire story how he became immortal he cures him with his powers and leaves. Gouri goes to the mandir and prays for Deva’s recovery. Then she goes to Shamsher’s room and keeps prashad for him and feeds him some. Then she takes his blessing and leaves. After that Shamsher finds out that he has recovered.

In the next episode, Shamsher would try to make a video of Gouri in Baghin’s avatar to gather proof against her. Gouri would find him staring at her.

Would Baghin kill Shamsher this time?

To know what Baghin does next keep watching Baghin.

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