Balika Vadhu 2 15th March 2022 Written Update: Anand and Anandi to part ways


Balika Vadhu 2 15th March 2022 Written Update on

This episode starts with Anand entering Anandi’s cabin and trying to talk to her. She avoids him and asks him to leave right away. He holds her closely and asks her to give him one minute to explain his part. Anandi doesn’t allow him to speak and makes a call to staffs to come urgently and gather for important announcement. Anandi thanks her staffs for supporting her brand Anandi in the past two years and announces that now Anand will be overtaking her position.

Anandi tells she is stepping down from her position. Anand and everyone is left shocked. Anandi leaves from office and Anand follows , Jigar also follows them. Jigar holds Anand by his collar and asks what did he do again to hurt Anandi. Anand tells him to stay out of their personal matters. Jigar tells its professional matter as Anandi is leaving company. Jigar tells he is owner of 80% shares in the company which leaves Jigar speechless. Anand goes to find Anandi. All staffs gets worried about what’s going on. Diya comes to office and finds everyone tensed and asks about what’s happening.

Diya says its not possible for Anandi to leave. Its her brand and her company. Raju comes there for serving coffee and makes them smile. Diya tells him to be always the same as he is. Anand cannot find Anandi so he calls Bhairavi to ask if she has come home but she denies. Then he calls Diya who taunts him for hurting Anandi once again and says that she isn’t at office. She tells in the past two years she never got angry. Anand even calls Jigar. Jigar tells that she lives a simple life back and forth from office to home and there is so such special place where she can go.

Jigar talks to Varun and he informs him about Anand being the investor of shares. Varun takes Anand’s side and tells Jigar not to let the information about company head changing leak outside. He tells he will come to office and handle the situation. Anandi and Anand finally meet and Anand tells that how he was going through a bad phase but he had funds so he invested in her company. He tries to explain his part to Anandi and convinces her to return back to company.

Anand offers her to sell his shares to Anandi. Anandi agrees and says she will buy it with her hardwork but he has broken her pride and self confidence badly. She tells she is still upset with him and doesn’t feel sure about their relationship anymore. Anandi tells in relationship there are no secrets but he hid such a big thing from her. Anand tries to stop her but she gives a kiss and tells all their bets are over now and she doesn’t want to continue this relationship any further. The episode ends with hurt faces of Anand and Anandi.

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