Balika Vadhu 2 Upcoming Story: Anandi to know child marriage is illegal


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Colors tv show Balika Vadhu is currently showing how Jigar is being influenced by his friends. To avoid any wrong circumstances, Sejal decides to be more protective towards Anandi. While being an NGO worker, Bhairavi is shown fighting against child marriage, will she know the truth about Anandi and Jigar’s relationship?

In the previous episode Anandi scored full points for her recitation due to which her team won. Jigar felt annoyed and angry. His friends mocked him and sent him indecent pictures of girls. Later at home, Sejal found those pictures in Jigar’s phone and got worried as Anandi stays with them. She told about the same to Premji and decided to sleep with Anandi now on.

Maadi Baa scolded Sejal for her decision but she stayed firm about it. Devali tried to instigate her again against Sejal. Two ladies came to Bhairavi for her help to stop child marriage. Bhairavi told them about the laws against child marriage and even Sejal and Anandi heard those. In the upcoming episodes we will see Maadi Baa discussing about Kanku’s marriage and Bhairavi will say she is too young. Devali says she is already eighteen. Bhairavi will also explain how marriage before eighteen years of age for a girl is against law. Anandi will get shocked to know it.

To know what will Anandi do next, stay tuned to Balika Vadhu on colors tv and voot app.