Balika Vadhu 2 Upcoming Story: Vikrant physically hurts Diya again


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Colors TV social issues focused show Balika Vadhu, currently is showing about struggles faces by Diya in her married life. Diya who is educated and independent girl but doesn’t feel confident enough to raise her voice against her husband’s wrong deeds. She doesn’t want to take risk for her child’s future and wants to compromise. How will Anandi help Diya to get free for abusive and unfair marriage?

In the previous episode Anand cancelled his engagement with Ishana. He said Bhairavi that he cannot marry without loving Ishana and she was just a friend to him. Anandi found Vikrant romancing Aditi and showed the same to Diya however she denied to inform family about the same. She said she trusts Vikrant and he will stop cheating her. Anandi asked her to test Vikrant and stop giving him money. Diya agreed to her plan.

Vikrant fooled Anand and asked for more money but Anandi came in time and asked Diya to stop him. This left Vikrant annoyed and angry. Anandi asked Diya to wear Bluetooth for her safety. In the upcoming episodes we will see Vikrant will hit Diya for not allowing him to take money from Anand. Anandi will come with Bhairavi and Anand on right time and angrily slap Vikrant for hurting Diya.

Will Anandi be able to bring Vikrant’s reality out this time?

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