Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st January 2023 Written Update: Banni stops Kabir from leaving the house.


The episode starts with Banni saying to everyone that when Charmi knew about her child that he is ill. After that Charmi asked Banni to give Atharva to her but Banni rejected her after that Charmi did all this. Devraj asks Charmi if what Banni said is the truth? Charmi admits to it and says it is half the truth. Viraj asks Charmi what is she talking about? Charmi says Atharva is not the child adopted by Banni and says Atharva is the child of Kabir and Tulika. Charmi says to everyone that she just wanted Atharva to be with her and says Kabir will never be able to raise the child. Banni admits that Atharva is Tulika’s son and she came to this house to make Atharva get his father’s love and this whole family’s love. Banni says to everyone the word she gave to Tulika on her last breath.

Viraj admonishes Charmi’s behaviour and asks Charmi why would she have done if Shrey would have gotten sick. Viraj asks Charmi if she would have thrown Shrey in a dustbin and the found another child to replace him. Viraj asks Charmi to learn from Banni how she took care of Yuvan and made him a rockstar. Viraj says they are both of them and their whole family is with them. Viraj says they can cure Shrey with their love. Charmi realises her mistake and apologises to everyone and says to Banni that she will never tell Kabir that Atharva is Tulika’s son.

Kabir overhears them talking and asks Banni if what Charmi said is the truth. Banni admits to Kabir that what Charmi said is the truth. Banni says to Kabir that Tulika took a word from Banni on her last breath to protect Atharva as he is a sign of Kabir and Tulika’s love. Kabir recalls how Banni behaved with her saying that she loves him and understands that Banni did all this for Atharva and she doesn’t love him. Kabir gets angry and takes Atharva into his hands but he doesn’t do anything. Kabir gives back the child and goes into his room and plays violin like Yuvan used to play. Banni and all the family members see that Kabir is angry and decide to give him some space. Devraj tells Banni about it. Banni says she needs to talk to Kabir and asks Charmi to take care of Atharva. Charmi agrees.

Devraj comes to Banni and asks her to eat something. Banni says she will eat after talking to Kabir. Devraj says she is a stubborn one. Banni shows that Kabir is not like before as Kabir used to break things in anger but now he is channelling that anger and happiness into Sangeet like Yuvan used to do it. Devraj agrees and leaves from there.

After a while, Kabir stops playing violin and sees that Banni is outside his room. Kabir takes his bag to leave the house. Kabir tries to leave but Banni stops Kabir and asks him where is he going? Kabir says he is leaving her, Atharva, and this house. Banni asks Kabir if he ever loved Tulika then why can’t he love Atharva as he is the last sign of their love. Kabir stays silent. Kabir recalls what happened and pushes Banni away. Kabir sees that Banni is about to fall and catches her and pulls her back. Kabir and Banni look into each other eyes.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kabir to say to Banni that soon her dream will come true and soon there will be a chain of restaurants with Banni Chow’s name. Kabir and all the family members take a selfie.